Better Not Drag a Dead Horse Down Young Street on Sunday or Smoke Weed if You want to Be the Prime Minister of Canada

Many conservatives have been very vocal about the criminal act committed by Justin Trudeau. What Criminal act was that ? Pot smoking. one commenter on CTV’s website wrote  “pot smoking is a crime, that is not merely a characterization or opinion. It is a categorical fact. You can minimize it or oppose it all you want, but it’s still a criminal offence [sic] , period.”

The fact is they are right it is a crime at the momment however so is cheating on your tax forms, not signaling your lane changes, swearing in public, picking trilliums, skinny dipping, smoking in school bathrooms drinking before the age of 18, littering. and for some strange reason dragging a dead horse down Young Street on Sunday. I don’t need to minimize the offense it can’t get any more minimal than it already is.

I once saw the current prime Minister commit a crime just as horrendous as this. I once saw Stephen Harper walk diagonally across a road in Ottawa (not at a corner) that is Jay Walking and is illegal in Ottawa we better charge him for that.

Grandma Gussy’s Advice to Parliament

I was thinking the other day that what might be quaint to see is the House of Commons be used as a place to actually design laws not just vote on them and posture for position.  I know I am being optimistic. Just once I would like to hear the PM stand up and say something like “ we the government are looking to reduce taxes to businesses we would like to know what the Opposition thinks of this plan? “ A real debate might actually occur I guess that would be a bad thing? We would rather work from prepare positions and really not want to hear what others might think. My Grandma said to me .” (said with a heavy German Accent)  Willie God gave to two ears and one mouth for a reason, so you can listen more than you talk.” So Dear MP’s maybe you should learn from Grandma Gussy Arends and sit down and actually listen to each other for a change.

Definition – Tin-pot Dictator


Tin-pot dictator 

  1. An autocratic ruler with little political credibility, but with self-delusions of grandeur.

Usage notes

Although still used today, this is a pejorative term coined in the days of the colonial British Empire, and referred to the Victorian innovation of the tin-pot, a very cheap metal container, the forerunner of the modern tin can.

Graphic Depiction


Pffft….Head Of State Debate?

Recently, Steve-O chastised Her Excellency, Governor General Michelle Jean for referring to herself as Canada’s Head Of State. Apparently, he reminded her that Canada’s Head Of State is in fact, Queen Elizabeth II.

I am making a face.

The Canadian Press seems totally confused about this issue. I wasn’t able to track down a single article that had a clear answer other than the ones that thought that this incident was embarrassing to Her Excellency. Sorry kids, but there is nothing embarrassing about this to Her Excellency other than her association with Harper. He even had someone in Ottawa call Buckingham Palace for the answer, but the Queen wouldn’t come to the phone. Hmmmmm. The Governor General wouldn’t have had that problem. No sirree, the Governor General has a direct line to the Queen and can get ahold of her anytime day or night. Wonder why that is……

It’s actually not that difficult to figure out. Here’s my 2 cents on how it works. Don’t bother doubting me either, I double checked with Daddy about this, and he says I am exactly right.

The Governor General is The Queen’s representative and Head Of State in Canada, unless the Queen is in residence. (ie: In Canada herself) If the Queen is here, then she wouldn’t need to be represented because she would be here and the Queen would be Head Of State in Canada. Get it?

This was much more confusing before 1982 of course, so that’s the most likely reason as to why Harper doesn’t know the scoop. He had no interest in politics back then, did he? He was probably just trying to get his Beatles tribute band going and worrying about his paper route.

In 1982, Trudeau repatriated the Constitution of Canada. Before 1982, Canada was governed by a constitution that was a British law and could be changed only by an Act of the British Parliament. Repatriation gave Canada full sovereignty. Bringing home the Constitution was a pretty big deal at the time. If you are old enough, you will remember this being all over the news.

Remember when Dion put together that coalition to remove Harper from office? Right, it wasn’t all that long ago. We were all on pins and needles waiting to hear what the Governor General had to say when Harper asked for more time to save his government. He didn’t ask the Queen, so that should be another good clue as to who the real Head Of State is in Canada.

Really, Michelle Jean is not new here, she didn’t just step into office last week. Don’t you think that if the Queen was offended that Michelle Jean was going around referring to herself as Canada’s Head Of State, that she would have given her a quick call to say so by now?

If Harper doesn’t know how Canadian Government works, then maybe he shouldn’t be Prime Minister.

I Am Both Shocked And Stunned

I know, you can’t believe your eyes. Me either.

We have only ourselves to blame. We had chance after chance to take this man down, but no, we had to play nice. We could’ve worked harder to support our team in the last election. He just seemed like such a joke. In all honesty, we didn’t really see it coming. A couple years ago with Cretien and Layton in the lead, we wanted to team up with Dion against him, but no, we said “That’s just too mean. We can’t do it.” Cretien was right and we knew it but none of us had the guts. Good old René Levesque never would have hesitated. He would have crept up on him in his sleep and struck a surprise death blow. I’m sure that he and other tough characters like him are all rolling over in their graves.

Stephen Harper desperately used his borrowed time to try anything and everything to win back the hearts of Canadians. He looked like a such a fool to us the more he used mud-raking and other bullshit techniques. He even tried to hire a smart guy ringer to convince Joe Clark that his old tymey Conservative party is back. Mr. Clark, you keep that tiny ounce of respect you earned by walking out. Don’t be fooled Old Joe! It’s still C.R.A.P.!

On friday, Ignatieff finally made the non-confidence motion. His speech was a thing of beauty. I watched it and I actually think it might take. I mean I’m really hopeful.

Then, when we weren’t expecting it …ZING!

In a shockingly cool last ditch effort this past Saturday night, Harper NAILED IT. He stole the show. Now, whether he can save his government or not, he will still go down in history as a Canadian hero.

If you think about it, maybe all Harper really wants out of this politics thing is a record deal.
Can we get someone on that please?

I’m so Not Proud of Our Prime Minister

Harper is going to visit the Pope this week and after all the protocol Faux Pas’s this embarrassment of a PM has made this week the general public is nervous. Understandably most of the comments submitted on the  CTV news article on this have been derogatory and critical of his tardiness and lack of protocol in regards to the Catholic faith.  That said there are always the Conservative pundits,  the ones that would defend him if he pissed on the Pope’s shoes and burned the Canadian Flag on Canada Day. One such commenter is “bunny” yes this person goes by the name of bunny and expects to be taken seriously.  She(or he) wrote:

I am so proud of our PM.At least we are being seen on the world stage as taking part.I remember creepy chretien, and how he made Canada look so mickey mouse.Great news, god bless. (pardon the Grammar – this is cut and pasted as written)

Okay yes she is right God would have to bless this Bozo with some political intelligence before he would be called a statesman.   Showing up is not enough, and he could at least do that on time.  Protocol is vital to a statesman. Harper can’t even get through a church service without screwing it up. Some one should have told our PM he was supposed to eat the damn wafer.  And for those that believe he did eat the wafer watch the video and tell me just when he ate it? Probably saved it for a late night snack?  I suspect that next time Harper invites Benjamin Netanyahu to dinner he will serve pork.

Another Conservative Pundit noted that the first four posts were on Harper’s mistake of not consuming the Eucharist at Romeo LeBlanc’s funeral calling these comments “cheap and petty.”   I guess conservatives calling Ignatief an “opportunist … just visiting”  Canada was not cheap and petty.  Gotta love those classy Conservative attack ads nothing petty about them (sarcasm intended).  Then Mr Harper goes on the G8 stage to criticises Ignatief for things he did not even say,  that couldn’t be described as cheap and petty either?  Well at least he apologised, and blamed it all on his aide,  the very conservative thing to do, remember Ms Rait’s aide that kept leaving this everywhere.  I will never understand the Conservative habit of forgiving even the dumbest acts of their leaders.  As a liberal I think Trudeau’s pirouette behind the Queen was asinine, but if Harper had done this, types like Bunny would be saying oh what wonderful dancing.


All Those That Will Lie for Their Ideals Have None.

The most honest thing I have heard in a long time was a comment posted on the CTV website in regards to the Brian Mulroney, Karlheinz Schreiber affair.

Sadly the reason no one cares about this is that we have come to a point in our society when we have all accepted a simple truth… when a politician opens his mouth, lies fall out. And politicians aren’t to blame because business people are the same…. we are SWIMMING in lies 24/7. Simply we can’t believe ANYONE any more… so it comes to this… why bother to ask when all you’ll get is fabrication, fantsy and bulls##t?

The unfortunate things is that as well as honest it is entirely depressing. Even those politicians we support for exigent reasons will lie in the belief it is for the betterment of the country. Growing up I was always told a man of Character does not lie. Now I am sick of the accusation that unless you accept a world that functions on deceit we are naive.

I hope and pray that somewhere out there, there is a politician that has the testicular courage to be honest. All those that will lie for their ideals have none.