Horse’s Behinds are Not Always Full of %^&#$

I have always wanted to use that phrase and now is the most appropriate time. Don Cherry AKA the sports worlds biggest Horse’s behind, has finally said something I agree with

“I don’t believe women should be in the male dressing room,” said Cherry on his weekly Coach’s Corner segment on Hockey Night in Canada. “You want men in the dressing room with women?” asked Cherry.

Personally I think that News people in the locker-room just cheapens the sport. A number of Hockey teams used to require athletes to wear a suit when talking with the media. That gave sports class, or at least more class than some sweaty grunt wearing nothing more than a jock.

What Some People Google

Just a quick note. Someone found my Blog by Googling “volunteer work waste of time”.

Who ever you are just so you know, the article that drew you here was on the importance of volunteering for the right reason. (

If you think volunteering is a waste of your time you need to look closely at your values because frankly….    THEY SUCK !

Older is Not Always Wiser or Conservative


Frustrating Truly Frustrating. Why some people think that anyone over 50 must all be the same, think the same, act the same, and vote the same….. This may be true if you live in a northern Ontario town with a population of under 10,000 or in a Florida Trailer park but not everywhere.

We all create a bubble of reality around ourselves we see the world as we think it is and when we find that there are exceptions to that perception of reality we say “nah couldn’t be”
We think that because all our friends seem to think the same way everyone of our age group thinks that way to.

What am I referring to? There is some truth that the older we get the more we move from a Liberal Ideology to a Conservative one. Why? Very likely because we lose the hopeful and positive idea that man can change. It could also be we become less amenable to change, and a fair bit more grumpy about it all. So with that in mind, I would like to remind the grumpy older crowd that not everyone over 50 is a Freaking Conservative !!! I am getting sick of old buggers on political forums telling me that if I had lived through the Trudeau era I would know how bad the Liberals are.

Well you fellow OLD FARTS I did live through many years of the Trudeau era and still think that Those years politically were superior to the dictatorship of Harper. NOT everyone that lived through the Trudeau era hates Trudeau just the grumpy Conservative types which does not include me and most of my friends. (BTW Some of my Friends come from the West so you can drop that Generalization as well)

Phew Now I Feel Better 🙂

Drawing The Line Across Where We Dare Not Tread, (Article not for Children)

Recently a NYC cop was convicted of plotting to kidnap and eat women. Most of the evidence was from a perversion website that allows men to write such evil fantasies. The claim was it was just thought and no intent to act. So the case has driven the perverse out of the woodwork to claim that this is against human rights.

The question is should we allow people to publish erotic and violent fantasies?

In defense of fantasy the owner of the site he published his evil plot on said “ reality is one thing and fantasy is completely a different thing.” I disagree if a person fantasizes about something then that person would enjoy doing that action other wise they would not fantasize about it. While modern society accepts erotic fantasies it should not accept violent fantasies. This feeds the problem and for example while not every person that fantasizes about rape will become a rapist every rapist has fantasized about rape before doing it. Websites like this should be shut down as dangerous if not criminal.

From a faith perspective in Matthew 5:28 Jesus said  “But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.” King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)

Am I saying all sexual fantasies are bad No. But feeding the bad ones is really not wise. Thought may not be the crime but the desire to commit the crime is beginning of evil and that is the point where we need to act before the crime is committed not after. Why did I call this article “Drawing the line across where we dare not tread,” simple, once you begin to defend evil because it has done no immediate harm you open the door or cross the line into condoning it.  I would be very careful not to cross that line for two reasons 1. Because it will degrade society and 2. Because it says something about you if you can accept people thinking such things.

I had thought about calling this “hic sunt dracones” but the monsters considered here are more dangerous than dragons.

Just To Be There

I was thinking the other day what drove me to do some of the things I did in the past. Why did I go to Barcelona when the Olympics were on even though I really could not afford to go to a venue? Why Did I go to the Vatican even though I am not Catholic? Why did I go to see Nelson Mandella when he was in Ottawa? Why did I go see Jean Drapeau’s funeral in Montreal. Why did I go trick or treating at 24 Sussex Drive when I was 37?

The answer is simple and it is something I don’t do as much any more it is to experience the momment or the place. The experiential version of name dropping, to say yah I was there. Is there anything wrong with that? Hell no! If I told no one that I visited Rome Jerusalem Paris Madrid Cairo London etc.. I would still have gone. Why because the experience is worth the effort.

So now as I sit here writing this little note and finishing a few work items, I look up at the corner of my monitor and see the chimney of the vatican hovering in a streaming window and think damn I should have been there.