Is the world getting Better. NO.

This will be a quick posting. I want to ask everyone one question.

The question I have been asking myself recently has been the title of this posting. Is the world getting better. As we approach the new year I keep thinking how hard it will be to raise children in a world that has little money too many guns and not enough tolerance.

I am not naive enough to think that guns are going away just because the US president wants them to. Austerity measures are driving us farther into debt and if I hear another anti-Muslim tirade from some right wing idiot I am going to go burn a copy of Ayn Rands The Fountainhead on the Parliament lawn.

Anyone have any concrete suggestions on how we can move from intolerance to tolerance hate to love and get rid of the childish love of hunting that seems to be prevalent throughout North America?

What is so damn fun about killing things?

Happy New Year.


Damian Goddard Not the Right Fit ?

Rogers Sportsnet host Damian Goddard was fired Wednesday, one day after tweeting on the Sean Avery/Todd Reynolds gay marriage controversy.

Rogers went on record to say that it wasn’t over this issue but because he was “not the right fit.”

For those not familiar with this NHL star Sean Avery came out in support of Equal marriage rights for gays and then all the Jock Homophobes crawlled out from thier respective rocks to slander him.

Sports Agent Todd Reynolds criticised Avery and then Damian Goddard said Yeah Reynolds etc….

Pretty much what I expected from Jocks. What I didn’t expect was Rogers Media cowardly “not the right fit” comment. They had the opportunity to say sports and sports media are not Homophobic but they came out half way just to support ratings and not gay players. Shame on you Rogers.

A Waste of American Taxes Thanks to the Tea Party

Okay because the Tea Party is too stupid to believe the State of Hawaii when they say OBAMA IS AMERICAN BORN, the White House had to publish his birth certificate. Working for government I have an idea how much this costs to do, even if it seems simple, and it isn’t cheap and easy.

I think the Tea Party needs to get new tea the stuff they’re drinking seems to be affecting thier brains.

BTW I was in Washington last week and that white pickup you often see at Tea Party rallies with all the slogans painted on it was there. I noticed one thing though the media is being kind to them one slogan on the truck you never see on the television is the “Obama is …. HALF WHITE” part. The Racism of the Tea Party should not be ignored it should be detested.

AGAIN ! No More Pro-War Videos

I hate to have to say this again (third time) but obviously I do…

Recently I have had more people email and send me pro-war videos under the guise of supporting the troops.

I support the troops I think if they have to be in harms way give them the best weapons the best food and the highest respect, then bring them home, with honour and with flag waving. Name streets after them and build monuments to them the live and the dead. The images of all those proud Canadians with flags along the highway of heroes chokes me up.

As for the war there is NO DAMN WAY you will ever get me to support it, so PLEASE STOP TRYING, and stop equating anti-war with disrespect for the troops that is propagandist crap, and entirely wrong.

I do not have to agree with you I do not have to explain myself to anyone.

All I have to say is if we insist on sending brave men and women to a war that is neither necessary or ours then SHAME ON US.

Stop sending me these videos that blame the lack of support for the troops on war protesters blame the real problem the cheap-assed politicians that send men and women to die without enough air support and with armored vehicles that are made of tin foil. Yes we now have better gear for our military but not until after soldiers died.

This war is a corpse making machine That’s it…

Rednecks, Violence, Pacifism, Rationalism and Christianity

Or what I learned from a JERK in a truck

The problem with life lessons is being able to see the lesson in the situation.One day I was turning right out of a parking area and there was a truck to my left so I could not see on coming traffic. The jerk behind me thought that my caution was slowness so he kept pounding on his horn. I was thinking sorry jerk but I don’t risk my life for rednecks in pick-ups (especially those with attitudes). So I flung him the bird (gave him the finger) and drove away when it was safe to do so. Yes I tend to react with emotion first, this is not wise when you consider I am a pacifist. This Jack Ass then follows me for three blocks and pulls in behind me when I go to stop. He says “if you give some one the finger you should be ready to back it up, with action” I tell him my side of the story that I am not about to risk my ass for his redneck carcass (not in those words) especially not violent rednecks like him. I also tell him that I am about as likely to fight him over this trivial spat as I am to have monkeys fly out of my butt. Personally I wish he would take more dumb risks as it would seem only a tough lesson would shake him into realization that turning into traffic with out seeing it would be STUPID. The big problem is that this jerk was threatening to beat the crap out of me with his 7 year old son in the cab of his truck. Oh Yeah Teach them early that violence works, so they can grow up to be thugs and wife abusers. (If violence was the by-product of insults then parliament would need referees and ropes around it.) I was ignoring his threats for two reasons, one I try not to fight with some one that has biceps bigger than my thighs, and two if he attempted to follow me and strike me (there were spectators) I could have his ass thrown in Jail and that would feel soooo good. However the service guy at the car dealer came running out to tell this redneck that he had just called the police and the jerk left without incident. Damn I was looking forward to charging him with assault. I grew up in a pacifist household my mother was very much against fighting, guns and violence of any sort, so I learned to walk away or take a beating and not cry out when bullied. There is very little pleasure in beating on some one if they don’t fight back, and if they don’t cry or cower. But not fighting back works, because even a bully does not want to look like a bully. You don’t look cool if the guy you’re bullying just stands there. As for the guy that is being attacked, the best thing to keep in mind is while pain is transient and unavoidable, but integrity is worth the pain. The hardest part is to take the pain without crying out. I can’t say that I never fight back, to do so is a natural animal reaction (we are animals). To not fight however is what raises us above the level of animals. We have a fight or flight urge it is built into us genetically. To raise above our animal nature it what distinguishes us from animals. There is no natural instinct that tells us to stand up and take abuse. Where do we learn such contrary behaviour? Well there are a number of possibilities, but two are the most evident. rationalism allows us to make decisions contrary to animal instinct it is logical to assume that if we don’t respond to violence with violence there will be less violence, and religion often teaches us that we are above animal behaviour.

From a Christian perspective we follow the biblical edict (or we should) that says;

Romans 12:19-21
Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord. On the contrary: “If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head.” Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

Now contrary to the direct image of God as a smiter of sinners, I take this verse to mean that those that commit evil will not be rewarded but rather they will overcome by a good society. They over time as man evolves socially will cease to be. In other words evil will be overcome by good in Gods time.

Advice Without Reason is BAD Advice

I came across a site on line that proposes to help you answer the big questions in life by referring you to experts. sounds like a good idea until I checked out some of the advise. Let me know what you think of the following advice. Although it seems non-committal one line of the reply made my stomach twist. (in Bold)

Topic: Baptists

Expert: Gale Mack
Date: 2/1/2005

Subject: marriage outside of race


I was raised Baptist and raised that I was not to date or marry outside of my race. I am raising my daughter the same way. I don’t feel that I am prejudiced. Myself and my daughter have very close friends of all races. Are there any passages in the Bible that reflect on this issue? Thank you, Sheri


Sheri,I don’t know of any Scripture that prohibits marrying outside one’s race. God wanted the Jews of the Old Testament to stay away from non-Jews. But, that as far as I know.
I believe that we should stay within our own culture as best we can. I know couples, one being of one denomination the the other of a different one. My counsel in these situations is for the couple to attend the church of the one who demonstrates the faith best.Hope this helps.

Blessings, Gale Mack _______________________________________________________________________

My thoughts

Although Gale Mack seems in most responses to be very well versed and very representative of Baptists this one response had me thinking. My belief is that cultural differences can enhance a marriage as much as complicate it. If we refuse to be in the world we limit any possibility that we might influence the world. Gale offers NO reason for the advice given. I find advice with out justification like this very BAD advice, and it hardly qualifies as expert advice. The question then is where does this advice come from? I suspect it come from a traditional or cultural root, a xenophobic tendency of the last generation that same xenophobia that spawned racism. We need to be real careful when taking such advice especially when the expert supplies no reason for the source of the advice. If Gale has some reason then it should have been in the answer.

Paradigms and Compassion

Each of us has am image, an Image that defines us. We see ourselves defined by an image we create in our brains. The world sees us defined by another image.

For example most of us look at Pope and see a powerful religious leader. The Pope (is supposed to) see himself as a humble servant of God.

I see myself as a modern liberal, but all too often people have described me as an old form liberal. I saw Trudeau as a man of this century and most see him as a man of the last century.

I have this hope that eventually the world will become more and more socially compassionate, but this generation seems to think that social compassion is secondary to overarching system reform. To be truly socially compassionate we do not need to improve welfare but improve the economic conditions of the country and thus welfare will not be needed.

Some one once told me (and I am sure they borrowed the quote)“True compassion is more than flinging a coin at a beggar. It comes to see that an edifice that produces beggars needs restructuring.” But I would still say that while the system is broken flinging the coin is a good idea.

These differing images and visions call them paradigms if you like, can isolate people groups and nations from each other.

Tolerance is the word we use to attempt to bridge the gaps between these differing paradigms. But is tolerance enough? It implies that we do not need to change ourselves but allow others to be as they see fit to be. This is a good concept but would it not be better if we changed the inconsequential parts of our personal images or paradigms to include rather than tolerate others?