Pffft….Head Of State Debate?

Recently, Steve-O chastised Her Excellency, Governor General Michelle Jean for referring to herself as Canada’s Head Of State. Apparently, he reminded her that Canada’s Head Of State is in fact, Queen Elizabeth II.

I am making a face.

The Canadian Press seems totally confused about this issue. I wasn’t able to track down a single article that had a clear answer other than the ones that thought that this incident was embarrassing to Her Excellency. Sorry kids, but there is nothing embarrassing about this to Her Excellency other than her association with Harper. He even had someone in Ottawa call Buckingham Palace for the answer, but the Queen wouldn’t come to the phone. Hmmmmm. The Governor General wouldn’t have had that problem. No sirree, the Governor General has a direct line to the Queen and can get ahold of her anytime day or night. Wonder why that is……

It’s actually not that difficult to figure out. Here’s my 2 cents on how it works. Don’t bother doubting me either, I double checked with Daddy about this, and he says I am exactly right.

The Governor General is The Queen’s representative and Head Of State in Canada, unless the Queen is in residence. (ie: In Canada herself) If the Queen is here, then she wouldn’t need to be represented because she would be here and the Queen would be Head Of State in Canada. Get it?

This was much more confusing before 1982 of course, so that’s the most likely reason as to why Harper doesn’t know the scoop. He had no interest in politics back then, did he? He was probably just trying to get his Beatles tribute band going and worrying about his paper route.

In 1982, Trudeau repatriated the Constitution of Canada. Before 1982, Canada was governed by a constitution that was a British law and could be changed only by an Act of the British Parliament. Repatriation gave Canada full sovereignty. Bringing home the Constitution was a pretty big deal at the time. If you are old enough, you will remember this being all over the news.

Remember when Dion put together that coalition to remove Harper from office? Right, it wasn’t all that long ago. We were all on pins and needles waiting to hear what the Governor General had to say when Harper asked for more time to save his government. He didn’t ask the Queen, so that should be another good clue as to who the real Head Of State is in Canada.

Really, Michelle Jean is not new here, she didn’t just step into office last week. Don’t you think that if the Queen was offended that Michelle Jean was going around referring to herself as Canada’s Head Of State, that she would have given her a quick call to say so by now?

If Harper doesn’t know how Canadian Government works, then maybe he shouldn’t be Prime Minister.


Heart Felt Apologies?

Although Mr Harper’s apology to Indian Residential School victims yesterday seemed sincere I doubt it was, given that he is not going to boot Pierre Poilievre out of the party as he rightly deserves to be.
Pierre Poilievre’s claims that native people need to learn the value of hard work more than they need residential schools compensation just tells me that if this wasn’t a minority government there may not have been an apology.
I am however impressed that Stephane Dion did not use the words “the government” when making his final apology but said “I apologise” a much more personal apology than Mr. Harpers.
The so called new Government of Canada, has some remarkable backwards and old fashioned ideas.

See the article at;
Tory MP apologizes for ‘hurtful’ remarks
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A Auestion Ignored

Many people have said it, in the media and out of the media, other parties have noticed it and the media has felt the burden. The current Government of Canada has closed the door to the media on many occasions. They want to control the flow of information out the door as to not be misinterpreted, but when does this control limit the openness and transparency that the Conservatives promised? Well the answer is it has from day one.

If you preach openness and transparency and control the flow of info to the media then you are a liar. To be truly open you want everyone in the choir singing the same song, and that song to be song from every street corner. The problem is that the conservative government seems to think that only one or two voices virtuoso soloists are capable of singing for the government. The problem with this is when those soloists screw up the whole audience hears it. In a chorus if one voice is flat then most people won’t notice it. If the conservatives are tired of being singled out for mistakes maybe Harper should take the muzzle off of his government. The problem is in doing so we may find out that his government is something we don’t want. Democracy needs many voices without it we have a soloist often called a dictator is this what we want?

More Bad News from Ipsos Reid

Harper’s Tories At High Water Mark (42%) As Quebec Lifts National Fortunes Tories (31%) Tied With Bloc (31%) In Volatile Quebec, But Can It Be Sustained? Ottawa, ON, November 10, 2007 – Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party have been lifted to their high water mark in terms of national support, with a new Ipsos Reid Poll conducted exclusively on behalf of CanWest News Service and Global Television revealing that the Conservative Party now enjoys the unprecedented support of 42% of Canadian decided voters, a three-point climb nationally since last week.

The Biggest Lie

The biggest lie that a government can throw at it citizens is the accusation of not supporting the troops, if those same citizens don’t support the war.

The truth is I support the troops, not this war. If we are going to send troops to Afghanistan then give them the best equipment available, feed them the best food available, and when they come home give them the best psychiatrists and physicians available. That is my definition of supporting the troops, not saying to them you are fighting a just war, because there is nothing just about war, it kills soldiers.

I can say to a soldier you did a brave an honorable job, even if I do not support the war. Each soldier that hits the tarmac back in Canada from Afghanistan deserves the praise of every Canadian for doing a difficult job, in a difficult country, and a difficult time. Every Politician that sends another Canadian man or woman to be wounded or killed in that God forsaken war should bear the weight of the guilt for the soldiers injuries and the lives lost for the rest of their lives.

The best way to support the troops is to bring them home alive and healthy and in this case soon.

Stephen Harper should be ashamed of himself for connecting supporting the troops with supporting the war. Let this be your chant Mr Prime Minister, I forged these chains in life and I am now condemned to wear them in the hereafter for all eternity.” (Charles Dickens)

"Open federalism"

From the print edition of today’s Globe and Mail:

Taking its lead from the U.S. Republican Party and the Australian Liberals (conservatives), the Harper party is slicing and dicing the electorate into chunks to which specific policies are aimed. It is the politics of assembling a majority by adding bits and pieces rather than trying to speak for all of Canada. It could be quite successful.”

Jeffrey Simpson

“It could be quite successful” — which does not make it good public policy. Simpson certainly doesn’t approve of this shredding of the nation.