Harper Today’s Nero


In response to the current economic situation the poetic and philosophical have come out

here are a couple interesting responses to CTV news aticles.

Reginawale Sahib

John don’t be sad.

Boom and bust come and go

You should just relax and say so?

As for me my ground I mow

Before my bumper crops I sow

At night when the clear blue skies glow

I just pour myself a vodka and forget about how much in the stock market I lost my dough



Reality is no one blames Harper for the cause just not responding to the crisis. He keeps saying he’s playing a waiting game. Well to quote a myth it is time our Nero pulled out his violin, even if his execrable operas are getting stale we want to hear SOMETHING.

How to Spoil a Sunny Day

If the world is seen as a day, beginning with a sunny blue summer sky with warm winds and cool ocean waves beating the shore, what happens when we play with the climate politically.

First we talk of alliances with other nations to prevent our neighbours from spoiling our sunny day. This causes a small but pretty cloud on the horizon but keeps the storms on the other side of the border at bay.  As the clouds build on the border from our own hot air we build our own little storm and the neighbouring storms move closer to join the party.  Gradually the neighbour sends bolts of political lightning to test that alliance, and we build missiles batteries which the neighbour combats with more clouds of rhetoric and tanks on their side.  The tanks belching out fumes feed the clouds and the borders become stormy industry feels the effect of trade restrictions and small clouds form over the factories.  Also some industry benefits from the tensions and clouds form as factories belch  smoke.  Now we have the gloom of a cold war, but it is just clouds no storms.  Our less than polite neighbour moves into other nations to get a strong foothold creating massive storms in those nations but the storms aren’t moving our way.   We counter with aid to the insurgents and the storms slowly creep over the border.  Finally we feel truly threatened and move in to take back our nation’s friend and the storms that have been hovering on the border move over us the cold winds of storms become the heat of thunder lightning and torrents of rain and floods.

Who is to blame?

What should we do to prevent the building storm?


Who is Biassed? And Why is This News?

Here’s your daily laugh 580 CFRA, News talk radio is the only news source that is posting online on the issue of The questioning of justice David Corbett’s so called bias by Don Hutchinson . Hutchinson was quoted by CFRA as saying to a Gay pride group that ” most gay rights battles, in his view, had been ‘won’.”
CFRA quotes Hutchinson as saying “Mr. Justice Corbett, like any Superior Court justice, is free to comment on issues of public policy, however, it would fall to him should a case dealing with this type of subject matter come before his court to recuse himself from hearing the case as he’s demonstrated that he’s no longer impartial on this issue.”
CFRA likes to think of itself as a non-biassed source but, given that it is using Hutchinson as a source who is general legal counsel for the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, and CFRA employs Lowell Green as a host for one of it’s shows, just how non-biassed are they?

That said, Corbett was known to have a record of supporting equality rights when he was appointed, he was supporting equality not pro-gay sentiments and besides, What he was saying wasn’t a biassed or supportive point but a statement of fact, Gay rights have become intrenched in our society the battles have been won.

I don’t Mourn for Jesse Helms

I have to say this is one passing I will not mourn. I thoroughly disliked senator Jesse Helms.

A nastier fighter for the right never existed once a Helms campaign commercial showed a white fist crumbling up a job application, these words underneath: “You needed that job … but they had to give it to a minority.”

He opposed every step forward the US ever tried to make. Sorry but I don’t mourn for Jesse Helms.

Heart Felt Apologies?

Although Mr Harper’s apology to Indian Residential School victims yesterday seemed sincere I doubt it was, given that he is not going to boot Pierre Poilievre out of the party as he rightly deserves to be.
Pierre Poilievre’s claims that native people need to learn the value of hard work more than they need residential schools compensation just tells me that if this wasn’t a minority government there may not have been an apology.
I am however impressed that Stephane Dion did not use the words “the government” when making his final apology but said “I apologise” a much more personal apology than Mr. Harpers.
The so called new Government of Canada, has some remarkable backwards and old fashioned ideas.

See the article at;
Tory MP apologizes for ‘hurtful’ remarks
Canadian Press and Globe and Mail Update

Tory Attack Ads

The Conservatives have started a campaign claiming that the proposed Liberal tax on Carbon emissions is “Dion’s Tax on Everything. I usually ignore ads of this sort all parties run them before an election and most intelligent people know they are bogus scare tactics.

This one more so than most, but really who acres. Just one thing though some of the ads were to run at gas stations in southern Ontario, but Fuelcast, the company that operates the pump-side advertising network, said Monday it won’t run the ads.

Once again the Conservatives have spun the rumours around that they will sue Fuelcast for breach of contract. If I were Fuelcast I would publish the ads with a foot high byline that read “Fuelcast does not guarantee the accuracy or validity of the claims mentioned above” thus fulfilling their contract and protecting their right not to be associated with fictitious claims.

Something Here Smells So Bad it Would Send Skunks Running

Recently there has been a great deal of Blog Action and news on the Brenda Martin Case while I do not like the Mexican form of justice (or Lack of) I think this issue may come back and politically bight us in the backside.

The more I read about the case the more it stinks What I know of con-men/women is they tend to travel in groups and these groups are really good at self preservation. I think there is more to Ms Martin than meets the eye, and although there may be little or no proof that she is guilty but this does not mean that she is innocent. What most people do not know is that there is a considerable amount of missing money and the Mexican government may just be waiting out Ms Martin to see if she knows where this cash is and will use it to leverage leniency as she did when she turned in another of the member of the group to authorities.

If you want to read some of this from an insiders view slide on over to Roger Harrison’s website and your image of Ms Martin may change somewhat.


It seems that a number of Canadian’s share my concerns as I recently posted some comment’s on the CBC website, what is interesting is that out of 308 comments mine were in the top ten most recommended and the first one I posted was the #1 recommended post.

That said the media is flaunting Ms Martin as the innocent victim, my concern is that they might be in for a whole heap of embarrassment when Ms Martin’s act comes crumbling down.

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BillArends wrote:

Posted 2008/04/22

Normally I am on the side of the accused, when it comes to Mexican justice, but something here smells so bad it would send skunks running.

She looks like she is acting and to be honest she is not good at it.

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BillArends wrote:Posted 2008/04/22

Here is an interesting piece of news. According to Roger Harrison a novelist who spent time with Alyn Waage and this crew of Miscreants none of them are all that innocent while Brenda Martin was little more than a cook according to Harrison who supports her as innocent, he has a few interesting things to say about her.

“Rebecca Roth is also serving time in the same jail as Brenda. Rebecca worked for Alyn as well. Brenda was arrested in February of ’06, Rebecca in March. According to Rebecca’s sister, Brenda gave Rebecca up in exchange for leniency.” (http://www.thewantednovel.com/brenda_martin.html)

I suspect that Ms Martin will do most of anything to avoid prison. Like I said before this whole situation stinks and any political party that wades into this sewage is going to come off smelling

like it.