Harper’s Environmental Record Gives Ignatief Ammunition


When Canada spends less on renewable energy than the State of Alaska, it means Stephen Harper isn’t just behind Barack Obama on clean energy – he’s behind Sarah Palin.

Michael Ignatief

This quote came in a Liberal party circular I thought it was so funny I just had to post it.  Palin the gift that keeps on giving 🙂


Heart Felt Apologies?

Although Mr Harper’s apology to Indian Residential School victims yesterday seemed sincere I doubt it was, given that he is not going to boot Pierre Poilievre out of the party as he rightly deserves to be.
Pierre Poilievre’s claims that native people need to learn the value of hard work more than they need residential schools compensation just tells me that if this wasn’t a minority government there may not have been an apology.
I am however impressed that Stephane Dion did not use the words “the government” when making his final apology but said “I apologise” a much more personal apology than Mr. Harpers.
The so called new Government of Canada, has some remarkable backwards and old fashioned ideas.

See the article at;
Tory MP apologizes for ‘hurtful’ remarks
Canadian Press and Globe and Mail Update

Tory Attack Ads

The Conservatives have started a campaign claiming that the proposed Liberal tax on Carbon emissions is “Dion’s Tax on Everything. I usually ignore ads of this sort all parties run them before an election and most intelligent people know they are bogus scare tactics.

This one more so than most, but really who acres. Just one thing though some of the ads were to run at gas stations in southern Ontario, but Fuelcast, the company that operates the pump-side advertising network, said Monday it won’t run the ads.

Once again the Conservatives have spun the rumours around that they will sue Fuelcast for breach of contract. If I were Fuelcast I would publish the ads with a foot high byline that read “Fuelcast does not guarantee the accuracy or validity of the claims mentioned above” thus fulfilling their contract and protecting their right not to be associated with fictitious claims.

More Bad News from Ipsos Reid

Harper’s Tories At High Water Mark (42%) As Quebec Lifts National Fortunes Tories (31%) Tied With Bloc (31%) In Volatile Quebec, But Can It Be Sustained? Ottawa, ON, November 10, 2007 – Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party have been lifted to their high water mark in terms of national support, with a new Ipsos Reid Poll conducted exclusively on behalf of CanWest News Service and Global Television revealing that the Conservative Party now enjoys the unprecedented support of 42% of Canadian decided voters, a three-point climb nationally since last week.

Spokeswoman misspeaks

Canada’s Minister of National Defence, Gordon O’Connor, has been in the hot seat all week over allegations of torture in Afghanistan. Ottawa is rife with speculation that O’Connor will have to resign.

Canoe.ca reports,

That kind of speculation led to a stern note from his spokeswoman:

“If any of you give credit to the rumour that MND (minister of national defence) will resign, will look studip (sic). It is not true he will NOT resign.”

Studip? And how do you like that double negative, “It is not true he will NOT resign”? Canoe.ca says, “Now we’re confudes.”

You’d think a spokeswoman would have communications skills, wouldn’t you? I wonder whether she earns as much as Stephen Harper’s psychic hairdresser?

[hat tip, Paul Wells]

"Open federalism"

From the print edition of today’s Globe and Mail:

Taking its lead from the U.S. Republican Party and the Australian Liberals (conservatives), the Harper party is slicing and dicing the electorate into chunks to which specific policies are aimed. It is the politics of assembling a majority by adding bits and pieces rather than trying to speak for all of Canada. It could be quite successful.”

Jeffrey Simpson

“It could be quite successful” — which does not make it good public policy. Simpson certainly doesn’t approve of this shredding of the nation.