Pffft….Head Of State Debate?

Recently, Steve-O chastised Her Excellency, Governor General Michelle Jean for referring to herself as Canada’s Head Of State. Apparently, he reminded her that Canada’s Head Of State is in fact, Queen Elizabeth II.

I am making a face.

The Canadian Press seems totally confused about this issue. I wasn’t able to track down a single article that had a clear answer other than the ones that thought that this incident was embarrassing to Her Excellency. Sorry kids, but there is nothing embarrassing about this to Her Excellency other than her association with Harper. He even had someone in Ottawa call Buckingham Palace for the answer, but the Queen wouldn’t come to the phone. Hmmmmm. The Governor General wouldn’t have had that problem. No sirree, the Governor General has a direct line to the Queen and can get ahold of her anytime day or night. Wonder why that is……

It’s actually not that difficult to figure out. Here’s my 2 cents on how it works. Don’t bother doubting me either, I double checked with Daddy about this, and he says I am exactly right.

The Governor General is The Queen’s representative and Head Of State in Canada, unless the Queen is in residence. (ie: In Canada herself) If the Queen is here, then she wouldn’t need to be represented because she would be here and the Queen would be Head Of State in Canada. Get it?

This was much more confusing before 1982 of course, so that’s the most likely reason as to why Harper doesn’t know the scoop. He had no interest in politics back then, did he? He was probably just trying to get his Beatles tribute band going and worrying about his paper route.

In 1982, Trudeau repatriated the Constitution of Canada. Before 1982, Canada was governed by a constitution that was a British law and could be changed only by an Act of the British Parliament. Repatriation gave Canada full sovereignty. Bringing home the Constitution was a pretty big deal at the time. If you are old enough, you will remember this being all over the news.

Remember when Dion put together that coalition to remove Harper from office? Right, it wasn’t all that long ago. We were all on pins and needles waiting to hear what the Governor General had to say when Harper asked for more time to save his government. He didn’t ask the Queen, so that should be another good clue as to who the real Head Of State is in Canada.

Really, Michelle Jean is not new here, she didn’t just step into office last week. Don’t you think that if the Queen was offended that Michelle Jean was going around referring to herself as Canada’s Head Of State, that she would have given her a quick call to say so by now?

If Harper doesn’t know how Canadian Government works, then maybe he shouldn’t be Prime Minister.

Harper’s Environmental Record Gives Ignatief Ammunition


When Canada spends less on renewable energy than the State of Alaska, it means Stephen Harper isn’t just behind Barack Obama on clean energy – he’s behind Sarah Palin.

Michael Ignatief

This quote came in a Liberal party circular I thought it was so funny I just had to post it.  Palin the gift that keeps on giving 🙂

I Am Both Shocked And Stunned

I know, you can’t believe your eyes. Me either.

We have only ourselves to blame. We had chance after chance to take this man down, but no, we had to play nice. We could’ve worked harder to support our team in the last election. He just seemed like such a joke. In all honesty, we didn’t really see it coming. A couple years ago with Cretien and Layton in the lead, we wanted to team up with Dion against him, but no, we said “That’s just too mean. We can’t do it.” Cretien was right and we knew it but none of us had the guts. Good old René Levesque never would have hesitated. He would have crept up on him in his sleep and struck a surprise death blow. I’m sure that he and other tough characters like him are all rolling over in their graves.

Stephen Harper desperately used his borrowed time to try anything and everything to win back the hearts of Canadians. He looked like a such a fool to us the more he used mud-raking and other bullshit techniques. He even tried to hire a smart guy ringer to convince Joe Clark that his old tymey Conservative party is back. Mr. Clark, you keep that tiny ounce of respect you earned by walking out. Don’t be fooled Old Joe! It’s still C.R.A.P.!

On friday, Ignatieff finally made the non-confidence motion. His speech was a thing of beauty. I watched it and I actually think it might take. I mean I’m really hopeful.

Then, when we weren’t expecting it …ZING!

In a shockingly cool last ditch effort this past Saturday night, Harper NAILED IT. He stole the show. Now, whether he can save his government or not, he will still go down in history as a Canadian hero.

If you think about it, maybe all Harper really wants out of this politics thing is a record deal.
Can we get someone on that please?

The Liberal Blow Hard Speaks on Voting by Personality

I haven’t done an analytical article for so long I am beginning to think that I have morphed into a Liberal Blow Hard (see list of stupid right-wing Epithets). Today I was thinking about how I will vote in the next election. Contrary to what you might think I tend to use my vote strategically though I generally vote Liberal but there have been times I have voted NDP and or Green Party. Once, many moons ago, I was a member of the conservative party (on the Provincial level) I write that up to being young and severely stupid. What was I thinking !

This time, and I am sure the election is coming sooner than we think, I am going to vote for leadership rather than local issues, and I am going to vote by personality. This is something I rarely do, as generally I think voting by personality is a BIG mistake. Why? Because it is usually the platform that makes a difference not the person. In this case however we have a problem voting by platform as every one knows. Why can’t we vote by platform? Simple NOBODY HAS A FREAKING PLATFORM !

Everyone is so worried about losing votes that they are afraid to have an opinion.. Wake up folks opinions are what people buy at election time. We don’t buy persons. I don’t care if Harper is insensitive I don’t care if Ignatief is conceited. I just want to know what they will do for me and my country. So why am I voting by personality because that is all we have to go by, along with a bunch of promises most parties can’t or won’t keep.

So I am going to vote for Ignatief. Why, because he has spent less time trying to make Harper look like the arrogant control freak he seems to be. Ignatief has taken the BS claims that the conservatives have been kicking around about his selfishness and said almost nothing. He hasn’t stooped to pointing out how unqualified Harper really is for the job, he hasn’t pointed out that Harper has made serious diplomatic errors. Ignatief has stuck to criticising the Conservatives on their policies. While Ignatief I will admit has not come out with a strong platform he seems to be the one with the most integrity, not something I can say about Harper. Do we want four more years of arrogance and name calling, or do we want to restore respect courtesy back to parliament.

Vote Liberal Vote Ignatief !

Harper Today’s Nero


In response to the current economic situation the poetic and philosophical have come out

here are a couple interesting responses to CTV news aticles.

Reginawale Sahib

John don’t be sad.

Boom and bust come and go

You should just relax and say so?

As for me my ground I mow

Before my bumper crops I sow

At night when the clear blue skies glow

I just pour myself a vodka and forget about how much in the stock market I lost my dough



Reality is no one blames Harper for the cause just not responding to the crisis. He keeps saying he’s playing a waiting game. Well to quote a myth it is time our Nero pulled out his violin, even if his execrable operas are getting stale we want to hear SOMETHING.

Who is Biassed? And Why is This News?

Here’s your daily laugh 580 CFRA, News talk radio is the only news source that is posting online on the issue of The questioning of justice David Corbett’s so called bias by Don Hutchinson . Hutchinson was quoted by CFRA as saying to a Gay pride group that ” most gay rights battles, in his view, had been ‘won’.”
CFRA quotes Hutchinson as saying “Mr. Justice Corbett, like any Superior Court justice, is free to comment on issues of public policy, however, it would fall to him should a case dealing with this type of subject matter come before his court to recuse himself from hearing the case as he’s demonstrated that he’s no longer impartial on this issue.”
CFRA likes to think of itself as a non-biassed source but, given that it is using Hutchinson as a source who is general legal counsel for the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, and CFRA employs Lowell Green as a host for one of it’s shows, just how non-biassed are they?

That said, Corbett was known to have a record of supporting equality rights when he was appointed, he was supporting equality not pro-gay sentiments and besides, What he was saying wasn’t a biassed or supportive point but a statement of fact, Gay rights have become intrenched in our society the battles have been won.

Heart Felt Apologies?

Although Mr Harper’s apology to Indian Residential School victims yesterday seemed sincere I doubt it was, given that he is not going to boot Pierre Poilievre out of the party as he rightly deserves to be.
Pierre Poilievre’s claims that native people need to learn the value of hard work more than they need residential schools compensation just tells me that if this wasn’t a minority government there may not have been an apology.
I am however impressed that Stephane Dion did not use the words “the government” when making his final apology but said “I apologise” a much more personal apology than Mr. Harpers.
The so called new Government of Canada, has some remarkable backwards and old fashioned ideas.

See the article at;
Tory MP apologizes for ‘hurtful’ remarks
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