Is the world getting Better. NO.

This will be a quick posting. I want to ask everyone one question.

The question I have been asking myself recently has been the title of this posting. Is the world getting better. As we approach the new year I keep thinking how hard it will be to raise children in a world that has little money too many guns and not enough tolerance.

I am not naive enough to think that guns are going away just because the US president wants them to. Austerity measures are driving us farther into debt and if I hear another anti-Muslim tirade from some right wing idiot I am going to go burn a copy of Ayn Rands The Fountainhead on the Parliament lawn.

Anyone have any concrete suggestions on how we can move from intolerance to tolerance hate to love and get rid of the childish love of hunting that seems to be prevalent throughout North America?

What is so damn fun about killing things?

Happy New Year.

Who Needs NASA When You Have Your Club and Cave (Grunt)

In response to CTV’s article on NASA’s Mars mission some conspiracy theorist by the pseudonym Franco wrote: “Scientists are the most unethical people when it comes to getting money from the taxpayers.”

Is that because science is a liberal conspiracy?. In reality we should be all living in Caves eating raw meat abusing women and doing NOTHING really useful Right?. Oh for crying out loud NASA has been the source of many of our new technologies and the way we do business did you know that modern project management is almost entirely based on the way NASA does business. But heck that does not matter where is my bow and arrow I’m gonna go get dinner.

Dave in Calgary (the true Canadian)

This thread was too funny. Recently a news service posted an article on the Americans going to a dollar coin. Some people wrote in to complain about the loonie which is the marginal few as most people I know don’t care or actually like them. So  I wrote the following:

XXX  in Orleans

John you are entirely wrong the savings have been substantial and except for the very old and traditional folks I have not heard ANY complaints against them (loonies). The US is a more traditional place it accepts change slowly and holds fast to things they see as representative of their unique culture and there is nothing wrong with that as long as the Greenback is used as a cultural icon then they are willing to pay for that icon. Sometimes decisions should not be made entirely on the basis of money. That said Canadians are less attached to their infrastructure and do not see paper money or things as important we are more connected to ideas that define us like Peace order and good Government. That is the Canadian way.

Dave Calgary

“XXX-in-Orleans”. Actually “XXX”… it-is you who is wrong. I’m a born and raised Canadian living in this great country … and you live in “Orleans” which makes you think you know Canadian opinions better than we-do.???? How-so XXX???? People in this country have hated these coins since the day they appeared. Until you walk a hundred miles in our shoes carrying 3 lbs of loonies in your pant-pockets everyday then I might even consider the validity of your foreign opinion. I think its time for all opinionated canadians to move-south and start telling americans how they dont have a clue about any of their own money-affairs !!!

I wrote a response but because I was laughing my head off at the time I am sure it will not be printed.

@ Dave
You asked “you live in “Orleans” which makes you think you know Canadian opinions better than we-do.?” Simple because I live in Orleans ONTARIO a suburb of Ottawa. I too have “since the day they appeared” handled many loonies and I handled many dollar bills for many years before the loonie came along. Given that a loonie is only 11grams in order to carry 3 pounds of them you would have to have 124 of them in your pocket Why would you be carrying that much change in your pocket anyhow. And if you are a true Canadian as I am why are you talking about pounds and miles anyhow you should be talking about Kilograms and Kilometres . When you learn even a little about places west of Winnipeg and start talking about Canada in Canadian terms I will stop laughing.
Since the news service probably won’t post that I also sent a concise version that stated I come from Orleans ONTARIO

AGAIN ! No More Pro-War Videos

I hate to have to say this again (third time) but obviously I do…

Recently I have had more people email and send me pro-war videos under the guise of supporting the troops.

I support the troops I think if they have to be in harms way give them the best weapons the best food and the highest respect, then bring them home, with honour and with flag waving. Name streets after them and build monuments to them the live and the dead. The images of all those proud Canadians with flags along the highway of heroes chokes me up.

As for the war there is NO DAMN WAY you will ever get me to support it, so PLEASE STOP TRYING, and stop equating anti-war with disrespect for the troops that is propagandist crap, and entirely wrong.

I do not have to agree with you I do not have to explain myself to anyone.

All I have to say is if we insist on sending brave men and women to a war that is neither necessary or ours then SHAME ON US.

Stop sending me these videos that blame the lack of support for the troops on war protesters blame the real problem the cheap-assed politicians that send men and women to die without enough air support and with armored vehicles that are made of tin foil. Yes we now have better gear for our military but not until after soldiers died.

This war is a corpse making machine That’s it…

Pffft….Head Of State Debate?

Recently, Steve-O chastised Her Excellency, Governor General Michelle Jean for referring to herself as Canada’s Head Of State. Apparently, he reminded her that Canada’s Head Of State is in fact, Queen Elizabeth II.

I am making a face.

The Canadian Press seems totally confused about this issue. I wasn’t able to track down a single article that had a clear answer other than the ones that thought that this incident was embarrassing to Her Excellency. Sorry kids, but there is nothing embarrassing about this to Her Excellency other than her association with Harper. He even had someone in Ottawa call Buckingham Palace for the answer, but the Queen wouldn’t come to the phone. Hmmmmm. The Governor General wouldn’t have had that problem. No sirree, the Governor General has a direct line to the Queen and can get ahold of her anytime day or night. Wonder why that is……

It’s actually not that difficult to figure out. Here’s my 2 cents on how it works. Don’t bother doubting me either, I double checked with Daddy about this, and he says I am exactly right.

The Governor General is The Queen’s representative and Head Of State in Canada, unless the Queen is in residence. (ie: In Canada herself) If the Queen is here, then she wouldn’t need to be represented because she would be here and the Queen would be Head Of State in Canada. Get it?

This was much more confusing before 1982 of course, so that’s the most likely reason as to why Harper doesn’t know the scoop. He had no interest in politics back then, did he? He was probably just trying to get his Beatles tribute band going and worrying about his paper route.

In 1982, Trudeau repatriated the Constitution of Canada. Before 1982, Canada was governed by a constitution that was a British law and could be changed only by an Act of the British Parliament. Repatriation gave Canada full sovereignty. Bringing home the Constitution was a pretty big deal at the time. If you are old enough, you will remember this being all over the news.

Remember when Dion put together that coalition to remove Harper from office? Right, it wasn’t all that long ago. We were all on pins and needles waiting to hear what the Governor General had to say when Harper asked for more time to save his government. He didn’t ask the Queen, so that should be another good clue as to who the real Head Of State is in Canada.

Really, Michelle Jean is not new here, she didn’t just step into office last week. Don’t you think that if the Queen was offended that Michelle Jean was going around referring to herself as Canada’s Head Of State, that she would have given her a quick call to say so by now?

If Harper doesn’t know how Canadian Government works, then maybe he shouldn’t be Prime Minister.

Harper’s Environmental Record Gives Ignatief Ammunition


When Canada spends less on renewable energy than the State of Alaska, it means Stephen Harper isn’t just behind Barack Obama on clean energy – he’s behind Sarah Palin.

Michael Ignatief

This quote came in a Liberal party circular I thought it was so funny I just had to post it.  Palin the gift that keeps on giving 🙂