Better Not Drag a Dead Horse Down Young Street on Sunday or Smoke Weed if You want to Be the Prime Minister of Canada

Many conservatives have been very vocal about the criminal act committed by Justin Trudeau. What Criminal act was that ? Pot smoking. one commenter on CTV’s website wrote  “pot smoking is a crime, that is not merely a characterization or opinion. It is a categorical fact. You can minimize it or oppose it all you want, but it’s still a criminal offence [sic] , period.”

The fact is they are right it is a crime at the momment however so is cheating on your tax forms, not signaling your lane changes, swearing in public, picking trilliums, skinny dipping, smoking in school bathrooms drinking before the age of 18, littering. and for some strange reason dragging a dead horse down Young Street on Sunday. I don’t need to minimize the offense it can’t get any more minimal than it already is.

I once saw the current prime Minister commit a crime just as horrendous as this. I once saw Stephen Harper walk diagonally across a road in Ottawa (not at a corner) that is Jay Walking and is illegal in Ottawa we better charge him for that.