Sochi Winter of Hate ( A return to 1936)

In 1936 when Hitler’s Nazi Germany was threatened with a boycott of the Olympic Games in Berlin by other nations, Hitler relented and allowed Black people and Jews to participate, and even allowed a German woman  Helene Mayer, who had a Jewish father to participate. At the same time, the party removed signs stating “Jews not wanted” and similar slogans from the city’s main tourist attractions.

Does this forgive them HELL NO but it makes Hitler more tolerant than Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. The law signed into force by Putin’s government that bans “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations” in essence bans Gay behavior and expression.

If you believe that the games should not be held in a nation that refuses to support the rights of all including Gays, please go to the following website and sign the petition to have the games moved to Vancouver. (oops – for those that read this yesterday sorry about the typo I began with one thought and finished with another – This should now make more sense)

Just to say thanks to all that have read this article since I posted it a couple days ago. My readership has jumped considerably. Why ? Because we care. We believe that Canada accepts gay people. Also see Canada’s official reaction here. Although I am no Friend of Mr Baird this is one good thing he has done.


2 thoughts on “Sochi Winter of Hate ( A return to 1936)

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