No Angels

This is my Rant on Sammy Yatim and the nasty side of the police force in Toronto. I looked at the pre-sanitized version of this young man’s facebook page, and even if some of the images were ripped off the net for effect it portrays a  violent youth not what his relatives would want to see. It does not show “meaningless tidbits of normal childhood” as some have said. No person in my family or any of my friends would have this sort of violent crap on their facebook page Guns and pictures of him with and his friends giving gang signs imitating guns and attempting to look like street thugs (if they weren’t)  many photos of him guzzling booze (not beer) if this is a normal childhood I am happy I was abnormal sure I drank before I was legal to and blew up a few things in the local farmers field among other things, but I never tried to look like a violent drunken loser.  So I do not for a minute think he was some family boy. Also there is nothing that says I have to like him.


However the images are irrelevant.What happened to him is wrong. As a friend of mine pointed out there was little attempt to defuse this situation. The call to stop or you will die (paraphrased) was WRONG. Police kill in the exercise of their duty that is a fact but besides acting like a violent offensive man this guy had done nothing to warrant death. The police should have shot this little street thug in the legs or gassed him or tazed him first. The police should not think they have the right to punish that is the courts job. James Forcillo the officer that shot him was also not a lamb by any definition he was proud of his powerful profile he was deeply into weight lifting and a very aggressive football player. Was he a murderer no but did he do his job well I don’t think so.

But was Sammy an Angel no he liked guns he admired violence if you don’t see that you’re blind. But he did not deserve to die Not in a million years or under any justice system. I don’t like the street culture that Sammy Yatim represents or did on his pre-sanitized facebook persona but I detest the new tough guy police image we are starting to accept as normal. The police arrest and detain they don’t kill criminals unless the criminal is about to kill some one. How Yatim alone on a streetcar with a knife was a threat to a half dozen police with tazers and guns is beyond me. There are no Angels in this dispute the only real victim is our justice system and both sides are abusing it.

While I think Sammy was no angel and people should stop Idolizing him he did not get real justice he was tried and sentenced by the Toronto Police force and that was WRONG.

There is obviously more to the story than first meets the eye note that the office has now been charged. To be suspected and to have been negilgent is one thing to be charge is another. We will have to wait and see what happens next.


One thought on “No Angels

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