Grandma Gussy’s Advice #2 (Do I Hear Marching)

My Grandma Gussy lived through one of the worst parts of German history. I am very willing to admit that she gained a very unhealthy disdain for Jewish people but she would never have agreed to the harm that the German Nation applied to them. She used to say she liked working for Jewish people because they knew how to handle money. Yes she absorbed the stereotypes and believed them.

However once when I made the mistake of talking to her about what Hitler did I was subject to a long angry and LOUD tirade about how the man was a monster but there will always be monsters and it was not the German peoples fault (still not sold on that entirely).

The one phrase in my youth I disagreed was when she said the following (you must imagine this said in a heavy German accent) “Willie you vanna bet if Hitler vas here today dere vould be thousands of bootstepping assholes following him.”

At that time I thought she was wrong no one would do that in today’s world. Now I am not so sure. In the 1920s the National socialists (Nazis) put forward the idea that the Jew’s rights should be abrogated, because they lacked the moral conscience and intellect of the German people. This was the first step in the attempt to exterminate them. The creation of the Jew as the scapegoat. I know it makes most thinking people shudder and want to vomit. We see in this first act the path towards the killing of over 6 million innocent Jews. But do we see that happening today do we see people accepting this same sort of intolerance? Most of us will say yes and point fingers toward the developing world and nations like Uganda or Somalia. We would never point fingers at a modern nation that has proper elections and modern factories and social programs etc… But that is exactly were we should be looking because rot and corruption happens everywhere.

What nation am I referring to? No not Canada no matter how dictatorial we might think Harper is he is still a duly elected and easily removed politician.

Russia the Mafia state is where we need to look. In the past few years Putin has made the nation into a hot bed of corruption and lies. He has enshrined his position and his executive power to the next best thing to a dictator. but the economy is still crap and the nation is unstable why because Putin believes that the Russian people need moral guidance something that defines them. Here enters the scapegoat. The new laws that prohibit gay propaganda in essence say it is a crime to be gay or at the least a perversion of Russian morals.. If you read the stats on hate crimes in Russia they have gone up considerably even before the the new laws that seek to prevent the spread of the scourge of homosexuality. these laws have in essence given the gay bashers the right to prosecute Gays Gay bashing and the glorification of it on the internet in Russia is common. Now the bigots can do it with some degree of legal protection. All they have to say is they were busting up a gay propaganda rally.. Welcome back to the 1930-40s

Now are these bashers indicative of mainstream Russian thought Not entirely but the disdain for homosexuals in Russia is not limited to the redneck white supremest Neo-Nazi types. The following CTV article highlights how Pole vault great and Russian Hero Yelena Isinbayeva condemned homosexuality openly after competitors who painted their fingernails in rainbow colours to support gays and lesbians in the face of a new anti-gay law in Russia. The unfortunate thing is I am beginning to hear the march of the assholes my Grandma Gussy talked about.

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Sochi Winter of Hate ( A return to 1936)

In 1936 when Hitler’s Nazi Germany was threatened with a boycott of the Olympic Games in Berlin by other nations, Hitler relented and allowed Black people and Jews to participate, and even allowed a German woman  Helene Mayer, who had a Jewish father to participate. At the same time, the party removed signs stating “Jews not wanted” and similar slogans from the city’s main tourist attractions.

Does this forgive them HELL NO but it makes Hitler more tolerant than Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. The law signed into force by Putin’s government that bans “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations” in essence bans Gay behavior and expression.

If you believe that the games should not be held in a nation that refuses to support the rights of all including Gays, please go to the following website and sign the petition to have the games moved to Vancouver. (oops – for those that read this yesterday sorry about the typo I began with one thought and finished with another – This should now make more sense)

Just to say thanks to all that have read this article since I posted it a couple days ago. My readership has jumped considerably. Why ? Because we care. We believe that Canada accepts gay people. Also see Canada’s official reaction here. Although I am no Friend of Mr Baird this is one good thing he has done.

No Angels

This is my Rant on Sammy Yatim and the nasty side of the police force in Toronto. I looked at the pre-sanitized version of this young man’s facebook page, and even if some of the images were ripped off the net for effect it portrays a  violent youth not what his relatives would want to see. It does not show “meaningless tidbits of normal childhood” as some have said. No person in my family or any of my friends would have this sort of violent crap on their facebook page Guns and pictures of him with and his friends giving gang signs imitating guns and attempting to look like street thugs (if they weren’t)  many photos of him guzzling booze (not beer) if this is a normal childhood I am happy I was abnormal sure I drank before I was legal to and blew up a few things in the local farmers field among other things, but I never tried to look like a violent drunken loser.  So I do not for a minute think he was some family boy. Also there is nothing that says I have to like him.


However the images are irrelevant.What happened to him is wrong. As a friend of mine pointed out there was little attempt to defuse this situation. The call to stop or you will die (paraphrased) was WRONG. Police kill in the exercise of their duty that is a fact but besides acting like a violent offensive man this guy had done nothing to warrant death. The police should have shot this little street thug in the legs or gassed him or tazed him first. The police should not think they have the right to punish that is the courts job. James Forcillo the officer that shot him was also not a lamb by any definition he was proud of his powerful profile he was deeply into weight lifting and a very aggressive football player. Was he a murderer no but did he do his job well I don’t think so.

But was Sammy an Angel no he liked guns he admired violence if you don’t see that you’re blind. But he did not deserve to die Not in a million years or under any justice system. I don’t like the street culture that Sammy Yatim represents or did on his pre-sanitized facebook persona but I detest the new tough guy police image we are starting to accept as normal. The police arrest and detain they don’t kill criminals unless the criminal is about to kill some one. How Yatim alone on a streetcar with a knife was a threat to a half dozen police with tazers and guns is beyond me. There are no Angels in this dispute the only real victim is our justice system and both sides are abusing it.

While I think Sammy was no angel and people should stop Idolizing him he did not get real justice he was tried and sentenced by the Toronto Police force and that was WRONG.

There is obviously more to the story than first meets the eye note that the office has now been charged. To be suspected and to have been negilgent is one thing to be charge is another. We will have to wait and see what happens next.