Breast Feeding in Public (the Choice of Wonder Woman)

Recently some one posted the following awesome image on Facebook. While I tend to think that Wonder Woman’s costume is highly impractical for crime fighting, for breast feeding it makes perfect  sense. That said I often wonder how it stays up while she’s fighting?
The image can be read in many ways all of them good in my books.

1. Women can be mothers and superheros and there is no conflict
2.  You don’t have to lose your sense of fun just because you’re a mother
3. Breast feeding is so normal even Wonder Woman does it
4. It is perfectly acceptable to Breast feed in public if you so choose even if you’re  Wonder Woman.

All that aside it is an awesome image.

However some Dork posted a comment that read as follows;

XXX wrote – “Breast feeding if a lot like taking a poo….sure its natural, and very nessesary….but I don’t care to see it. Just my opinion.” ((spelling errors included) Name removed as to avoid embarrassing or slandering him)

I was going to respond but thought rather than getting into a battle of wits with someone that was obviously half armed, I  would blog this.

Personally I think his comment that breast feeding is “a lot like taking a poo” is as vulgar as his implied  opinion that the public need not see it. While I think that there is some sense to throwing a cover over your child while you breast feed to prevent the droolers of the world from ogling you It is your choice as the act is both natural and how you breast feed is your choice to make not mine or anyone elses.

Secondly, This guy is in an industry (owns a piercing and Tattoo parlour) that arguably disfigures the body but like breast feeding is a personal choice. Would he like it if people said that tattoos were unnecessary and unattractive thus as I care not to see them, and no one should have the right to have one?

So Just my opinion but I think his opinion SUCKS.


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