Older is Not Always Wiser or Conservative


Frustrating Truly Frustrating. Why some people think that anyone over 50 must all be the same, think the same, act the same, and vote the same….. This may be true if you live in a northern Ontario town with a population of under 10,000 or in a Florida Trailer park but not everywhere.

We all create a bubble of reality around ourselves we see the world as we think it is and when we find that there are exceptions to that perception of reality we say “nah couldn’t be”
We think that because all our friends seem to think the same way everyone of our age group thinks that way to.

What am I referring to? There is some truth that the older we get the more we move from a Liberal Ideology to a Conservative one. Why? Very likely because we lose the hopeful and positive idea that man can change. It could also be we become less amenable to change, and a fair bit more grumpy about it all. So with that in mind, I would like to remind the grumpy older crowd that not everyone over 50 is a Freaking Conservative !!! I am getting sick of old buggers on political forums telling me that if I had lived through the Trudeau era I would know how bad the Liberals are.

Well you fellow OLD FARTS I did live through many years of the Trudeau era and still think that Those years politically were superior to the dictatorship of Harper. NOT everyone that lived through the Trudeau era hates Trudeau just the grumpy Conservative types which does not include me and most of my friends. (BTW Some of my Friends come from the West so you can drop that Generalization as well)

Phew Now I Feel Better 🙂


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