Just To Be There

I was thinking the other day what drove me to do some of the things I did in the past. Why did I go to Barcelona when the Olympics were on even though I really could not afford to go to a venue? Why Did I go to the Vatican even though I am not Catholic? Why did I go to see Nelson Mandella when he was in Ottawa? Why did I go see Jean Drapeau’s funeral in Montreal. Why did I go trick or treating at 24 Sussex Drive when I was 37?

The answer is simple and it is something I don’t do as much any more it is to experience the momment or the place. The experiential version of name dropping, to say yah I was there. Is there anything wrong with that? Hell no! If I told no one that I visited Rome Jerusalem Paris Madrid Cairo London etc.. I would still have gone. Why because the experience is worth the effort.

So now as I sit here writing this little note and finishing a few work items, I look up at the corner of my monitor and see the chimney of the vatican hovering in a streaming window and think damn I should have been there.


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