Grandma Gussy’s Advice to Parliament

I was thinking the other day that what might be quaint to see is the House of Commons be used as a place to actually design laws not just vote on them and posture for position.  I know I am being optimistic. Just once I would like to hear the PM stand up and say something like “ we the government are looking to reduce taxes to businesses we would like to know what the Opposition thinks of this plan? “ A real debate might actually occur I guess that would be a bad thing? We would rather work from prepare positions and really not want to hear what others might think. My Grandma said to me .” (said with a heavy German Accent)  Willie God gave to two ears and one mouth for a reason, so you can listen more than you talk.” So Dear MP’s maybe you should learn from Grandma Gussy Arends and sit down and actually listen to each other for a change.


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