More Lefty Christianity and Why I don’t like what John Counsell Preaches.

I notice that the long boring ramble I posted that showed how left of center I was and how I found left wing politics through Christianity has been getting a lot of hits. Hopefully some of the ideas are resonating with people.

I would really like to find a Christian denomination that takes up the true left wing cause. A Christian church that hates greed and hates selfishness. It is almost impossible to find this as many churches are self proclaimed right wing like Bethel pentecostal in Ottawa which employs a pastor that runs a right wing radio show (John Counsell). I switch through Late-Night-Counsell as fast as I can because the idea of a pastor espousing a philosophical point of view so tangential to Christianity it makes me sick.

Let me ask right wing Christians a few questions. If Christ in one HUGE Selfless act gave all his being for us why is welfare a bad idea? Why is it bad to give to homeless people even if they are going to abuse what you give them? Why is it good to support business people above the people they employ. Why is it good to allow companies to earn huge profits when their employees can’t pay the rent (Walmart employees for example). Why if Christ hung out with prostitutes Loan sharks (money lenders) longshoremen (fisherman in that day were pretty rough) and the like what right do we have to look down on them, Many churches do? The old testament was about rigidity and the law the new Testament the new covenant was about love. It is very hard to love someone if you think of them as worse than dog crap you just scraped off their shoes?

But back to Mr Counsell May I ask one question If the basis of Christianity is selflessness and the basis of Capitalism is Selfishness then why is the church in bed with the capitalist ideology? And don’t tell me the right wing doesn’t support Capitalism? And for those that claim Capitalism isn’t selfish let me quote the capitalist guru Ayn Rand -Ayn Rand maintained that capitalism is the only morally valid socio-political system because it allows people to be free to act in their rational selfinterest. … and selfinterest simultaneously benefits the economic selfinterests of all others. Capitalism is without a doubt based on self interest and Selfishness is the expression of self interest.

At one point in Canada’s history there was a concept called the Social Gospel (early 20th century) Social Gospel leaders were predominantly associated with the liberal wing of the Progressive Movement and most were theologically liberal, but somewhere along the line the movement died out but left a lasting legacy on society and even can be said to have brought on the 1960 civil rights movement. Why did we go from being a nation of Christian socialists to being a nation of Christian capitalists? Simple too long an association with the nieghbours to the south. The nasty thing is now they are turning back to a less evil form of Capitalism why are we still dancing with the devil?

I want to be a traditional Canadian one who thought the Social Gospel was a good Idea oh and by the way Tommy Douglas believed in the Social Gospel that is why we have medicare…


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