Does Blogging Change Us ?

Every year comes with new an different challenges as will this one. The reason is not only because the year is new but because we are different people than we were. The advantage of Blogging even as infrequently as I do is it gives us the opportunity to look back at what we said in the past to see how we changed or conversely how we have remained the same. So I usually spend the first part of the new year reflecting on both the past and the new year it seems to be an inevitable human response to the New Year. So In the next few postings I am going to look back on some of the old ones and then project into some of the possible future ones with new realities taken into account. I am going to apply a bit more reflection so the blog becomes less a rant about how much I hate Conservative politics and inflexible right wing thought, and more about random thoughts that I might (or We) might think about (yes Jack I am taking your approach to some degree).

Now I am going to open a very old post that created some hard feelings. No I am not going to go picking at wounds I am not going to discuss the content because I am sure the persons that were involved in the debate that ensued have not changed their opinions on the matter but I am going to ask one question did we grow from the experience? Was the debate worth it?

Whoever Claims to Live in Him Must Walk as Jesus Did

Now I expect that the persons involved in the debate have moved on and my not even read my Blog because I became less involved in the nature of my faith perhaps I have become more entrenched who knows or maybe political rants have become my direction who knows again. So I will add a new comment after I am finished this post just to see if those that were involve still have a follow link to it.

I don’t want to reopen that debate but I want to ask one question (in several parts) on reflection did the discussion actually impact how you felt about the topic. Did you feel that the importance to walk as Jesus did changed? Are we different people now? Because we interacted on an important topic did we change?

Just curious?


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