Dave in Calgary (the true Canadian)

This thread was too funny. Recently a news service posted an article on the Americans going to a dollar coin. Some people wrote in to complain about the loonie which is the marginal few as most people I know don’t care or actually like them. So  I wrote the following:

XXX  in Orleans

John you are entirely wrong the savings have been substantial and except for the very old and traditional folks I have not heard ANY complaints against them (loonies). The US is a more traditional place it accepts change slowly and holds fast to things they see as representative of their unique culture and there is nothing wrong with that as long as the Greenback is used as a cultural icon then they are willing to pay for that icon. Sometimes decisions should not be made entirely on the basis of money. That said Canadians are less attached to their infrastructure and do not see paper money or things as important we are more connected to ideas that define us like Peace order and good Government. That is the Canadian way.

Dave Calgary

“XXX-in-Orleans”. Actually “XXX”… it-is you who is wrong. I’m a born and raised Canadian living in this great country … and you live in “Orleans” which makes you think you know Canadian opinions better than we-do.???? How-so XXX???? People in this country have hated these coins since the day they appeared. Until you walk a hundred miles in our shoes carrying 3 lbs of loonies in your pant-pockets everyday then I might even consider the validity of your foreign opinion. I think its time for all opinionated canadians to move-south and start telling americans how they dont have a clue about any of their own money-affairs !!!

I wrote a response but because I was laughing my head off at the time I am sure it will not be printed.

@ Dave
You asked “you live in “Orleans” which makes you think you know Canadian opinions better than we-do.?” Simple because I live in Orleans ONTARIO a suburb of Ottawa. I too have “since the day they appeared” handled many loonies and I handled many dollar bills for many years before the loonie came along. Given that a loonie is only 11grams in order to carry 3 pounds of them you would have to have 124 of them in your pocket Why would you be carrying that much change in your pocket anyhow. And if you are a true Canadian as I am why are you talking about pounds and miles anyhow you should be talking about Kilograms and Kilometres . When you learn even a little about places west of Winnipeg and start talking about Canada in Canadian terms I will stop laughing.
Since the news service probably won’t post that I also sent a concise version that stated I come from Orleans ONTARIO

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