God’s WBS

I am currently studying Project Management (PM), and I have noticed that PM can be as complex as the project itself at times. The best way to attack a project is it find the mid point between a church basement bake-sale and a NASA expedition. Then alter the requirements to suit your project. But you have to begin by simplifying it into something management can understand.
What can we apply Project management to, well here is a cool way to look at project management.
If God were to create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for creation after 1.0 level AKA – EVERYTHING, what would be his/her second level activities (AKA 2.0 level activities)
WBS for Everything

2.1 Ball of light
2.2 Atomic Nuclei Form
2.3 Atoms Form
2.4 Galaxies and Stars Form
2.5 Vacuum Energy Dominates
2.6 Today Happens

The following graphic is the best example

How would the plan describe these initial activities I think Neil Turok said it best.
“Imagine a perfect ball of light, just a millimetre across. It is the brightest, most intense light you can possibly conceive of… Now imagine the ball of light expanding, faster than anything you have ever seen or can imagine. Within one second, it is a thousand light years across. It didn’t get there by the light and particles travelling outwards in an explosion — nothing can travel that fast. Instead, the space inside the ball expanded.”
– Neil Turok explaining the hot big bang theory in ‘The Universe Within: From Quantum to Cosmos’

For more info on how God did it go to the Perimeter Institute – Outreach Facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/pioutreach

That said the final product is an arbitrary choice and I am not claiming that like projects that have a limited time period with a beginning and an end that Everything must end. The project continues 🙂

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