Just Who is Classless?

Recently CP ran an article on Ralph Klein’s acceptance into the Order of Canada.

For those that do not know the Order of Canada is pretty much watered down now days if you have successfully served in office you get the award unless you do something horrendous heck even Mulroney has one, no one cares about scandals.

I have strongly disagreed with Klein’s politics in the past and I am not sure what his “lasting contributions to the province of Alberta and to public life in Canada” are. That said sure give him the award and be done with it. In response to the Article however I questioned the positive nature of Klein’s lasting contributions. The unfortunate thing is Klein’s most memorable moments like literally throwing money at homeless people and swearing in public office are the contributions people are going to remember more than anything else.

So I responded to CP’s article with a simple question of the positive merits of his contributions,

The fun began as soon as right wing Albertans read my response (I am expecting more) rather than debating my point they called me “classless” “Offensive” “derogatory & demeaning” and told me to “SHUT UP. “

Well given the person that they are defending I am not surprised Klein the man that called policy presented in the house “crap” and threw it at a page. The man that threw money at homeless people and told them to “Get a Job.” The man that in public insinuated that the only conservative bone Belinda Stronach ever had in her was Peter Mackay’s penis.

And these folks called my reaction to Klein’s award Classless.

What Klein did in office in my opinion was very offensive to Canadians and derogatory & demeaning to Homeless people and women. All I noted was that I did not think his contributions were all that positive. Just who is Classless here? (see article and comments below…)

Relative to accept Order of Canada award on Ralph Klein’s behalf

The Canadian Press
Published Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2012
OTTAWA — Former Alberta premier Ralph Klein will be made an Officer of the Order of Canada today at Calgary city hall.
Klein is battling a form of dementia and no longer makes public appearances, so Gov.-Gen. David Johnston will present the award to a member of Klein’s family.
Johnston said in a news release last week that Klein made “lasting contributions to the province of Alberta and to public life in Canada.”
Klein was elected leader of Alberta’s Progressive Conservative Party on Dec. 5, 1992 and was sworn in as Alberta’s 12th premier nine days later.
He then led the party to victory in 1993 and again in 1997 and 2001.
Prior to entering provincial politics, Klein served three terms as mayor of Calgary, starting in 1980 after a career in the media.

Paul ~ Kitchener
Nov. 13, 2012
10:30 AM
It is so disheartening and down right offensive to read comments that are derogatory & demeaning of a fine Canadian Political Leader that devoted most of his life to Alberta & Canada. When will some of low quality learn that if you can’t speak well of a person ~THAN SHUT UP. Ralph Klein deserves this honour and fitting his wife will accept on his behalf. Mr. Premier you served your Province and Nation well and I am one Canadian that appreciates your many working hours for us all. Congratulations.
David – Calgary
Nov. 13, 2012

I guess if the majority of Albertans agreed with the two classless individuals Bill and rick, Ralph wouldn’t have won every election he ran in. And rick, maybe you should spend more time learning how to spell (for starters your name should start with a capital ‘R’) instead of belittling a man who can’t defend himself anymore.
Bill in Orleans
Nov. 13, 2012

I’m not sure the “lasting contributions to the province of Alberta and to public life in Canada” made by Ralph Klein were all that positive.
Nov. 13, 2012

Perhaps if Ralph weren’t so effective in destroying health care in Alberta, he could have gotten the help he needed and receive the medal himself. Nah if he were healthy today he’d be getting drunk and hassling the homeless.


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