The Truth is Out There – The Truth About Conspiracies

Some posts need repeating. Why – Because the world will still be here after December 23 2012. I am looking forward to a Christmas with no Mayan apocalypse or emergent Anti-Christ.

Conspiracy theories are the last refuge of the weak and sick mind for the most part.

Okay I have heard enough about Mayan prophecy . Also I am just as impressed with the idea that Obama wasn’t born in the US. Sorry folks Elvis is dead. There are no little green men in area 51. The moon landing HAPPENED. 9/11 was NOT an inside job. Lee Harvey Oswald Shot Kennedy. Marilyn Monroe killed herself, the CIA did not do it. There are No Men In Black. No one has ever had their rectum probed by an alien (Why would you fly millions of miles to look up some redneck’s Ass). Jesus was NOT married to Mary Magdalene (Dan Brown is a Novelist not an Historian). No aliens landed in south America  (Erich Von Daniken is a nutjob). Mummy’s are dead and stay dead. There are no such thing as Zombies Vampires Werewolves or any other such creature they are fairy stories like little red riding-hood and Goldilocks. You can’t read minds, You can’t levitate, you can’t see the future and no one knows when the end of the world is going to happen except maybe a scientist or two that can estimate the life expectancy of the sun and even they aren’t too sure about that.

So now what? Simple you believe any of the theories or nonsense mentioned above GET HELP !


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