A Rant on Anonymity Liars and Global Warming

Anonymity is the key to commenting on news websites. You know the site will respect your privacy unless they are compelled by law or need to use your comment somewhere else and want your permission (which they do ask for). Your real name is never used and your email is never shared (unless legally required to do so). There are times when you might like to “out yourself” but it is not wise. One thing however you should never do is lie about who you are. I gladly tell people that I work in the Health sciences but I never claim to be a scientist just a policy wank. (used to be now I am a project manager) The worst I might be accused of is lying by omission  That said I have read a number of comments where the person commenting claims to be a scientist, a doctor, or a lawyer but they make some crucial error like saying cholera is hereditary or a person is guilty in front of the law the minute he commits a crime etc… In Canada it is easy to find a fake Canadian lawyer online because %90 of them use American terms such as Miranda Rights (sorry they don’t apply here) because they have watched too much CSI or SVU on Fox . Also most people don’t understand private property law so fake online lawyers will %90 of the time get it wrong. In Canada the sovereign monarch, known as the Crown (which represents the state) , holds land in its own right. All private owners are either its tenants or sub-tenants. Allodial Title a system in which real property is owned absolutely free and clear of any superior landlord or sovereign is rare in countries that use common law (Like Canada the US and the UK). But many commenters that claim to be lawyers miss this and talk about the freedom you have to use and dispose of your property as you see fit which is to a large part true but not entirely you can’t break the law on your property or dispose of it as you want (try growing pot in your basement).

So why am I talking about anonymity and lying about who you are online etc.. well there has been a effort by a couple of right-wing types on a certain news site to try to find out who I am.  I suspect they are the same person because one of them referred to the other including one detail that the other has never mentioned. one implies he is a scientist but claims that a certain accepted fact (Global Warming)  is a theory and a myth and misses the entire gist of the legitimate debate. The scientific objection to Global warming has NEVER been over the idea that it is happening because no real scientist disputes that but they do to a minor degree dispute the idea that humans are contributing to it.  It is a recorded fact by many studies and not disputed by most of the peer reviewed science  that the average yearly temperature for the surface of the Earth has increased by 0.74°C over the past 100 years (1906-2005)

There is a frustration that develops over anonymity as well, because there are times when you would like to direct commenters to your Blog and tell them how stupid you think their argument is. GRRRRRRRR !
I do hope that this person or persons is intelligent enough to Google the collective details from my posts and find this Blog then I will be happy to debate them. That said if they do come here to debate  I expect them to  refrain from calling me names as they have in the past.

There I feel better now 🙂


Adendum –

Or at least I did until this comment was posted (see below) Now I am having a great laugh.

Cowboy Don

  • Hey, XXXXX  dude, 50 to 70 kph is just a breeze here (in Alberta) . Since I live and ride in this country maybe I know it a bit better than some book learned dude that does not know real wind that blows for weeks on end, from that smelly breeze that comes from a Leftist Pinkos pie hole. Come on up and visit for a spell and get some real time education instead of all that twiddle twaddle you tweet amongst yourselves.



One thought on “A Rant on Anonymity Liars and Global Warming

  1. Just a note on Cowboy Don I did not bother to respond because when some one starts to get abusive throwing around insults like “leftist Pinko” its not worth the effort to respond its better just to sit back laugh and let them make fools of themselves.who uses terms like pinko, pie hole and twiddle twaddle anyhow LMFAO – Giddy up Cowboy Don but sorry I have “visited for a spell” and I trust Environment Canada over some cowboy with a bad attitude.

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