Mit Does Not Want to Provide Disaster Relief to the Eastern US after Sandy

He wants the state or Business to do it.

Mit Romney said in his June debate that the US might not be able to keep up with disaster relief. To this I say thanks for nothing you cheapo ,but he might be right to a degree if we all keep ignoring Global Warming we will eventually not be able to afford the accumulate disaster relief bill. (US and Canada) But we will still have to pay it that is what government is for to help the nation. Oh and for the cranks that do not believe in Global warming while science may debate the amount that mankind contributes to Global warming (most noting human activity does contribute) NONE except the totally fringe types debate it is happening. The US EPA, Environment Canada and almost every government environment dept on the planet (except maybe North Korea) have accepted the fact that the planet is heating up.

As the link to the UK points out “here is a scientific consensus that the recent observed rise in global temperature can only be explained by the rise in greenhouse gas emissions caused by human activities.”

So why do the right wing on the planet seem to think that Global waring is not happening ? Simple, if it is not happening then you can exploit the economic potential of the planet burn fossil fuels and pollute all you want to make a buck. As Kevin O’leary says I just in this for the MONEY…..


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