Myths 101 – Open a Bible and Close Your Mind

The thing I like about so called new Christians is they come to the faith with an open mind the problem is there are many so called Christians that seem to think that the job of the church is to close minds.
For example a person that first opens a Bible assumes it is like any other book and that not everything you read in it will be right but the authors believe it to be right. They assume you can question the content. The first thing they are told is the Bible is infallible thus you should never question it. Next example a person who is not a Christian will inevitably ask what is a Christian? The answer is always the simple one:
A Christian is a person who adheres to Christianity, based on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth as recorded in the Bible. Central to the Christian faith is the gospel, the teaching that humans have hope for salvation through the message and work of Jesus, and particularly, his atoning death on the cross 1Co 15:3 and resurrection 1Co 15:4.
But after this has been said many so called Christians go on to label all the types of persons that believe the aforementioned definition but are not Christians like:
Homosexuals, Liberals, Roman Catholics, Episcopalians, Anglicans, Bankers, Drug Abusers, Smokers, Alcoholics etc…
And basically anyone that they define as either a sinner or anyone that is not in their particular sect.
The reason given is that if you don’t follow their interpretation of the Bible then you aren’t adhering to Christianity and are thus not a Christian. So if you don’t focus your mind on the truth (their interpretation of the truth) you will never be a TRUE Christian.
So for those that are new to the faith keep your open mind because all you have to do to claim the label of a Christian is to accept and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Gospel message of salvation through him, and remember that while the Bible might be infallible the interpretation of it is never infallible. As Christians we need to fight the expression that is becoming popular that to be a Christian is to open a Bible and close your mind.


3 thoughts on “Myths 101 – Open a Bible and Close Your Mind

  1. This little rant came out of some thoughts I had while reading a blog article which constantly used the expressions “Christians believe” and “Christians don’t accept” and other proclamations of what Christians are. The author while well meaning failed to draw back from his work and actually think how a non-Christian an unbeliever might perceive his message. The message was a very aggressive interpretation of what a Christian was. The problem is the most passive teacher the world has ever known was Jesus of Nazareth. If you accept this interpretation he let himself be Crucified to atone for our transgression not his. That is pretty much the most passive thing ever done.

  2. Bill, the way I define a Christian lies in the manner in which the person explains her/his reasons for expecting eternal salvation. And to me it’s a simple test. If it’s based on a relationship with Jesus and something else, to my mind the individual still isn’t in fact a Christian. All else, including leading sinful lives, is personal responsibility stuff that gets in the way of leading a victorious life in Christ. I agree too many Christians spend too much effort shooting their wounded. I think one day they’ll regret that.

  3. I have to apologize to my coauthors (if they are actually still reading this) as I have of late moved toward a number of Religious postings Trust me I will get back to political rants soon. I have just been thinking that society has become bipolar that you are either a fundamentalist or an Atheist. And if you are a Christian you can’t be a Liberal, Democrat, socialist or a communist you have to be a republican or a conservative. You can’t believe in evolution or support Gay rights etc… To me the connection between what you believe politically and Religiously are closely link even though I strongly support the separation of Church and state. What you believe, your faith inevitably impacts your politics so that is why these posts are here and how they connect to politics.

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