Someone In the Ukraine Likes My Blog :-)

As those that read this know, I am not too concerned if I have readership. Mostly because I would have to post regularly to get a good readership and I don’t. That said I do often check the hits on my page to see where they are coming from. I have about 5 people I know follow this blog regularly mostly because they know me, or have at one time contributed to this blog in its more active days. Then there are the occasional readers that just drop by because they Googled a topic and then there are those that drop by because I once entitled an article Boob-a-Gram (not what it seems read the article if you are interested – trust me it is not pornographic). It  is interesting that even when I haven’t posted for months I still get 30 or so hits per day.


Finally there is this one hit I keep getting and I have no idea why.

Someone from the Ukraine seems to visit every once in a while and I am not sure why but he/she has been regular over the years.

 So my Ukrainian stalker Friend if you could “out yourself” that might be interesting. Just post a comment. No worries I like stalkers:-)



8 thoughts on “Someone In the Ukraine Likes My Blog :-)

  1. Don’t know Marie likely just a coincidence. Never figured out who my Ukraine visitor was. He/she still visits. Might be some sort of robo thing for all I know. That said of the 47 European countries the Ukraine is ranked 9th in the “Top 10 Internet countries in Europe”,so it is inevitable you might get some but I get this one visitor regularly which is interesting.

    • Thanks for your reply. Sounds like you have a fan! Google doesn’t show me individual IP addresses, so I don’t know if the 10-30 hits I get each day are from the same person or different ones. I’ve suspected a robo thing, but have no evidence. I’ll let you know if I learn anything new.

  2. I have also found a mysterious admirer(s) from the Ukraine, and their particular interest – perhaps obsession – is a posting entitled “Rhino on the Menu”. I can’t decide if this is some sort of syndicated re-posting for Ukranian folk who are into unusual eating habits, who think there is something kinky going on, or who are really conservation conscious; or perhaps it is some form of bot; but why and to what end are my scrawlings of interest?

    • Steve, on my blog it’s the cream of wild mushroom soup recipe that seems to get a lot of traffic from the Ukraine. Perhaps they are looking for a side dish to go with the rhino 😉

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