I Am a Christian That Believes in Evolution

Before I begin to sound like a heathen atheist, let me state I am a Christian. I believe in a creator but I also believe strongly in evolution as the process by which God created. The Genesis creation account is a metaphor to explain creation to a simple society. The scriptures are a spiritual guide not a scientific textbook. God’s message is about how to live right, not a treatise on all things.


Now back to my original intent, I often find literal creationists offensive. I’m sure there are some that are not as simple as the majority of literalist fundamentalists, but too often they make our beautiful religion look like a bunch of fools praying to a magical stump of wood. The power of religion is not magic it’s the belief in a God directed way of life. The bible is not an encyclopedia, it is a powerful tool to help us be the best we can be.


When the Bible talks about God making man from the dust of the earth there is no more poetic and beautiful way of describing evolution.


I have come across many creationist websites online that seek to ridicule evolution rather than preach the Christian way of life. These people think that they are spreading God’s word when they are spreading what I believe is a misinterpretation spurred by their own arrogance, Believe me these folks are arrogant, they make fun of people that believe in evolution they call names and one website even made a video of a person that wrote in to disagree and dressed him up as a clown smoking a cigarette http://www.bvcsm.com/ that is by far the most un-Christian behavior I have seen in a so called Christian website.


I have yet to find one creation website that does not degrade itself in some way. In truth I really wouldn’t mind seeing a good anti evolution website, because although I might disagree, everyone has the right to their own opinion. They don’t however have the right to ridicule those that don’t agree with them. It is ignorant, and in my opinion un-Christian behavior, to scorn those that do not believe as you do. I am sure these folks believe they are acting as good Christians but it does not look that way to me.


Recently I came across one site that called itself the Missing Universe Museum http://missinguniversemuseum.com/index.html (I’m unsure what that is supposed to mean). This website is not entirely offensive, but it encourages students to give their evolution teachers a test to see if they can defend the theory against a number of questions. The problem again is most of the questions are designed to make fun of the teacher by making him/her fail and not actually elicit a response. I decided to take the test, not to see if I could pass it as it is obvious the test is created to be failed, but to see how it tries to make you fail.


I decided to do this honestly and not look up each answer as I went through the test. I could be wrong in my responses, if so feel free to comment on the answers or provide better ones if possible.

Please note, the questions are taken directly from the website.

Missing Universe Museum

Evolution Test


1. Which evolved first, male or female?


Neither evolved first, they evolved together. The concept is biologically absurd. In reality there is little difference between male and female in the womb we all begin as female. Males are only marginally necessary parthenogenesis happens in many species and if you believe in the virgin birth of Jesus you should also know it is possible with humankind.


2. How many millions of years elapsed between the first male and first female?


See the answer I provided above.


3. List at least 9 of the false assumptions made with radioactive dating methods.


All assumptions have the possibility of being true or false, just as one example where an assumption fails can mean an assumption is false it can also mean that the observed failure was not done so under optimum conditions. For example the assumption that the only loss of the isotope is due to the decay process. Under ideal conditions the only loss of the isotope is very likely due solely to the decay process. Radio Carbon dating may not be infallible, but in conjunction with other methods such as dendrochronology it has become relatively accurate.


4. Why hasn’t any extinct creature re-evolved after millions of years?


You need to read evolution theory again. It is based on “Random Mutation”. The possibility of a creature made up billions of random mutations happening twice is so unlikely as to be impossible.


5. Which came first:

…the eye,

…the eyelid,

…the eyebrow,

…the eye sockets,

…the eye muscles,

…the eye lashes,

…the tear ducts,

…the brain’s interpretation of light?


Simple celled organisms react to light this came before all of the above, and only a detailed examination of the evolution of the eye would place these in the correct chronology. Given that not all evolutionary steps can or will be found, the question is unanswerable, but you knew that when you asked it.


6. How many millions of years between each in question 5?


Please see the answer I provided above.


7. If we all evolved from a common ancestor, why can’t all the different species mate with one another and produce fertile offspring?


The farther a creature is from its common ancestry, the less chance of successful reproduction. You are aware that some species can mate with one another? What do you think a mule is?


8. List any of the millions of creatures in just five stages of its evolution showing the progression of a new organ of any kind. When you have done this, you can collect the millions of dollars in rewards offered for proof of evolution!


Please see the response to question 5. That said, you knew that the question was unanswerable. Take a pink marble smash it, burn it, and dilute it in a trillion gallons of sea water, then ask a person to tell you what colour the marble was. A scientist may be able to answer that question but there are too many variables to get an accurate answer.


9. Why is it that the very things that would prove Evolution (transitional forms) are still missing?


Transitional forms, or transitional fossils, are mans way of imposing order on a continuum which does not allow for such. Scientists do not use the terms, as they are misleading and inaccurate.


10. Explain why something as complex as human life could happen by chance, but something as simple as a coin must have a creator. (Show your math solution.)


I am not a mathematician, so I can’t provide a complete mathematical model. While I am sure chaos theory might eventually lead to a mathematical solution, here is the best metaphor I can find. Jackson Pollack’s abstract impressionist paintings are in the eyes of many very beautiful even though most of his creative processes where purely accidental, as he poured splashed spit and stuck cigarette butts to his canvasses. His creations were extraordinarily complex and often created more by accident than by design.


11. Why aren’t any fossils or coal or oil being formed today?


You are begging the question here (a logical fallacy). You are saying why isn’t something happening, when the truth is it is happening, but so slowly that humans will not ever perceive it as we will likely not exist by the time evidence is recordable.


12. List 50 vestigial or useless organs or appendages in the human body.


Why fifty, isn’t one like our appendix enough. The problem is, for every one found someone will eventually have a theory for its use. That said we have evolved enough beneficial organs to keep us viable so what, if we carry around a bunch of evolutionary junk


13. Why hasn’t anyone collected the millions of dollars in rewards for proof of evolution?


I believe in God but I can’t prove he exists, how is this different then providing concrete proof of evolution? We all know the preponderance of evidence is not proof, but can we really prove anything to everyone’s satisfaction? No.


14. If life began hundreds of millions of years ago, why is the earth still under populated?


This is a fallacy as it presumes nothing dies. The earth however is over populated.


15. Why hasn’t evolution duplicated all species on all continents?


Please see the response to question 4


Enough said ?…….


6 thoughts on “I Am a Christian That Believes in Evolution

  1. Stephen J. Ardent is going to come here and notice his comments are gone that is the the beauty of being the editor of a blog, you can decide to delete whatever you so chose to. The thing about debate is you have to be civil once you start to be uncivil you aren’t debating you are being abusive. I did not question Mr Ardent’s beliefs I just said I found his argument to not make sense I also said I thought Genesis to be a metaphor and then he questioned My Christianity by saying that I must therefore also question the resurrection which I don’t. He did note that I derided his intelligence no just his argument. So Mr Argent if you write again I will delete it again debate is fine abuse isn’t. Don’t waste your time here because I don’t want to waste my time reading and deleting your abuse. That is the problem with fundamentalists if you don’t believe as they do they immediately accuse you of not being a Christian so debate is impossible. so why bother.

  2. I detest the narrow minded. That is not an insult it is a judgment. If you cannot tolerate another way of belief without becoming abusive your field of view and your mindset is narrow.

  3. I love your perspective. I myself am Wicca, and we believe in evolution. I always believed that Christianity was a religion of possibilities, not strict rules. You should be able to believe what you want, and you should ask questions without being scorned.

  4. I am a Christian with beliefs in evolution. Unfortunately, there are many extremists who will attack my interpretation of the Bible and call me an ‘atheist bigot’ when in reality I believe in the exact same God as them.

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