Top 10 Life Rules Only the Truly Stupid Don’t Know.

1. Never take naked pictures of yourself, or one day your schlong or hooters will be on Youtube.
2. Never borrow money from Friends because ,sorry folks but, Friends are not always forever and a good way to lose a Friend is to borrow money from them.
3. Never stick your tongue on a metal fence post (Why do people even think of doing this?)
4. If you are in a foreign country think before you drink the water. Its called Montezuma’s revenge because it has been around that long.
5. Never use your hair drier in the bath tub (unless you are going for a retro Afro look)
6. Try to avoid using the “N” word especially in Harlem if you’re white.
7. Dropping the F bomb on your boss is to be avoided (if you like your job)
8. Never use the Phrase “That’s Women’s work.” (But for some reason referring to something as “a Man’s Job” is Okay?)
9. Testing a light socket to see if it is live by sticking your finger in it even briefly is STUPID.
10. Helping a Nigerian man you met by email with anything related to Oil or Money is a really bad idea.

But People still do these things – WHY – ?


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