Times Are a Changin ! and Grandma May be right !

First off I do not defend the German people for what happened during the Second World War. That said, my German Grandma Gussy Arends said something years ago that was true if not scary.

“You vanna bet if Hitler vas ere today dere vould be millions of idiots kissing his evil ass.”

I disagreed vehemently then. But Trudeau was the PM the “right” was relegated to Western farmers and no one knew who Osama Bin Laden was or cared. The biggest threat was Russian Communism. Pat Robertson was just another televangelist bilking old women out of grocery money.

Now what has happened.

Well the world is polarized into camps religiously and politically the moderates have been marginalized and the right seems to be holding on to power even as the world spirals down into an economic mess of their making. So what happens next? Oh yes the US has a democratic government with a black president but even with this progress there is still the GOP holding the country hostage on the debt ceiling the Tea Party, Glen Beck, Rush Limbough etc…. In Canada we have the benign dictatorship of the CPC the evolution of the Reform party and in Europe we have France banning religious clothing.

Multiculturalism which was praised as such a great thing is now the target of terrorists. Look at Norway the land of utter tolerance the home of the Nobel Peace Prize shaken under the attack of one lone lunatic. But in the media people like Beck are hinting he (the lunatic) might have a point.

Was Grandma right?

It certainly makes you wonder about that moral superiority we had in the 70’s As times change are we so certain if a new powerful leader came up would many not look to him to solve the so called Multicultural problem to take on the dreaded Muslims as Hitler took on the dreaded Jews. I think Hitler was the biggest monster that was ever born but when people like Beck belittle him by comparing him to the government of Norway are we looking at the same sort of society that arose before the war? When a Tea Party supporter can paint his car with a slogan that calls the President HALF WHITE and not have his vehicle trashed by both white people and blacks, what are we coming to?

Much as we might like to say Ignore the Becks and Limboughs and the Crazy Tea Partiers we do so at our peril. As the saying goes “Times are a changing” but unfortunately not always in a good way. What we need to do is keep pulling the political cord to the left. As we have seen in our last election and as we see in the US It is now anyone’s call as to how things go, and there is no certainty of social progress unless we work at it. In today’s society only the apathetic lose.


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