If You Are a Dumb-Ass Raise Your Hand

Once Again Glen Beck Proves to the world he is America’s number one Dumb Sack of Crap (DSC).

On his drivelous show he he compares Norway’s Labour Party Youth Camp to Hitler Youth.

Okay Glen who was the Hitler in this case that would be the guy in the home-made uniform with the Gun and waving the MANIFESTO not the Labour Party.

I guess Beck has never heard of Young Republican Camp? (or Meetups as they call them)

Also what about the Tea Party camp called the Tampa 912 Project that promises to teach Florida kids about the principles on which the group says America was founded on (guess who once supported this group Hey Glen remember this).

Torbjorn Eriksen, a former press secretary to Norway prime minister said this was a “new low” for Beck. Sorry Torbjorn you don’t listen to Beck enough he definitely can go lower.

Glen dances around the Fascist border (or at Least Fascist Corporatism) so often he might as well just come out of the closet with his own homemade Uniform on singing the praises of David Duke at least then he would be honest.

Beck you’re an Idiot! (one of the few people I freely get Ad Hominem on – him and Fred Phelps)


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