Words of Truth

CBC ran a news article on a practical joke in Newfoundland. It seems someone hacked an electronic road sign causing it to flash messages about a Zombie invasion. Most people that commented on the story had fun with it and quoted rules about how to deal with Zombies etc.. and some made cracks about Stephen Harpers CPC member Zombies (all in Good fun )

But one person commented:

This is just plain sheer humor and people still try to tie this in with politics. Can you just get your heads out of the politics for even a moment?

He was right it was just plain humor and therefore Why anyone would really take comments serious enough to get annoyed is beyond me.
That said in response to this a person commented with the truest words of humour I have heard and also the most Canadian perspective I have heard in a while so posted here is
Whirl’d Pease’s Canadian words of wisdom

“Making fun of the PM, regardless of who it is, is a long standing Canadian tradition.”

Stephen Harper knows this well as have all other PM’s back to Sir John A. Hey Smilling Jack soon it will be your turn.


One thought on “Words of Truth

  1. I rarely take these comments too seriously most are just worth a laugh like this guy:

    heinengo wrote : Obscene claptrap, perfect for a society so rotten it stinks. If you are at all healthy, you’ll only shudder when confronted with all this zombie pop garbage.
    How full of ones’ self can you get. I’ve read a few of his comments and they all make me think this guy must be soooo much fun to work with.. Sarcasm intended.

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