Damian Goddard Not the Right Fit ?

Rogers Sportsnet host Damian Goddard was fired Wednesday, one day after tweeting on the Sean Avery/Todd Reynolds gay marriage controversy.

Rogers went on record to say that it wasn’t over this issue but because he was “not the right fit.”

For those not familiar with this NHL star Sean Avery came out in support of Equal marriage rights for gays and then all the Jock Homophobes crawlled out from thier respective rocks to slander him.

Sports Agent Todd Reynolds criticised Avery and then Damian Goddard said Yeah Reynolds etc….

Pretty much what I expected from Jocks. What I didn’t expect was Rogers Media cowardly “not the right fit” comment. They had the opportunity to say sports and sports media are not Homophobic but they came out half way just to support ratings and not gay players. Shame on you Rogers.


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