The Big Picture

This election has had me thinking that the entire political profession is siloed project management. Why that ? It is simple, no government looks at the whole picture they are worried about their own little piece of the pie, their personal projects. The rule of law is the basis for our society, democracy is just a means to create those laws and this is the big picture each bill passed is a piece of that big picture. The problem is many politicians they see the long gun registry as one project or the Food and Drug Act as one project and even Quebec language rights as one thing not part of the broader picture. The long Gun registry for one supports the notion that the law is above personal liberties we do not have the right to kill so this registry helps to find those that use long guns to kill people. The registry does not stop an honest man from owning a gun. If you say other wise you have been conned. The Food and Drug Act stops snake oil salespersons from selling crap and calling it a cure for cancer it is the basis of the laws that protect consumers. It’s not out there to stop people from helping others by selling good products. Not one of our parties have the balls to stand up for the rule of law just the liberties of people when personal liberties negatively effect the greater good they aren’t liberties given they are liberties taken and have no value for a civil society. The problem is that thinking of legislation as projects not in light of the impact on the rule of law as a whole makes very poor law. Canada has a joint committee of the House of commons and the Senate that serves to look at this big picture to a degree, it is the Standing Joint committee on the Scrutiny of Regulations. It is the one committee that actually could do some good it could ensure that regulation growing from acts could actually serve the greater rule of law but it doesn’t it makes sure people can’t sue the government and that all the T’s are crossed and I’s dotted that’s it. Many politicians spend hours telling us how much money we are wasting or how much money they can save you. Personally I don’t give a crap I want good law and good government at any cost. I want safe streets safe schools big libraries great institutions built on MY tax dollars things I and my children can be proud of. Look at the big picture folks and stop thinking that tomorrow might be a bit harder than yesterday because with good government over time comes great nations. Good project management has it’s place but each project must fit into the broader picture. If you built a house and made the bathroom into a work of art but the toilet did not work your house would stink pretty bad. Its time we ensure that the whole of Canada’s legislation and regulation works together and the crap doesn’t pile up in one place. The broader picture folks the progress of humans depends on us creating a more perfect world and Law is the one thing we got right let’s use it as the basis for our society not greed or personal liberties. Money and pleasure and so called freedoms feeds this project specific way of thinking the immediate response to an issue needs to address the long term impact and should be based on law and law alone not on money or how we feel at the moment. Wake up people or we will be beating off the barbarians with a stick as Rome burns around us and we have to start all over.


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