I was asked if I was serious about the change in direction here. Yup folks this blog will stay orange as long as the Liberals stay an off blue colour. Seriously though I think we need this adventure to the left it is time we started to think that people come first and the almighty dollar comes second, and only because it allows us to eat and sleep in comfort. Am I a political opportunist Damn right I am, everyone should be. What serves us best is the government that serves us as a whole the CPC isn’t doing it they have been crying for a Majority forever and now they have it, what does this mean, it means they don’t have to listen to anyone but their supporters. What of the Liberals all they did during this election was complain about Harper and not his policies the only party that seemed to talk to the people was the NDP. We have 4 years to think about the crap we just stepped in and the only party that is positioned to let us know just what the crap smells like is the NDP. If perhaps the liberals make a come back yes maybe I will jump ship but until they are in a position to do so too bad this site stays Orange.


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