Another Stupid Election (we need elections but do we need one now?)

Tell me if I have this right .

1 None of the parties are in a situation where they will get a majority.
2 Most people don’t care to vote.
3 No one has a plan to correct the current financial mess (because they can’t).
4 Every single leader has some degree of self serving motives.

    My leadership evaluations

Qualifications – Not qualified to be a PM. If I had to choose him for the job based on a job description and his CV, forget it he does not qualify.

Style – Self important, acts like he is the party, probably making up for the fact he isn’t qualified to be PM, and yes he is over compensating. Control from the center works if you’re a Trudeau who knows what he is doing not if you’re Harper. This highlights one of Trudeau’s mistakes concentrating all this control in the PMO makes it possible that Idiots like Harper can take the helm and sail the ship of country off course.

Likelihood of re-election – Yes with a minority government once again. Why? Because the Liberals ignored the west for so long the Conservatives took ownership of it by playing the moral west card. Which is as fake as Nixon’s China Card. The conservatives use the down home moral Christian ideology when it suits them much as Nixon used China to weaken the communism by dividing it into Chinese and Soviet areas of influence.

Summation – People vote for this party out of shear ignorance of reality.

    Jack Layton

Qualifications – Qualified but qualified because he comes from a political family. He knows what to do to stay at the helm of a party. Why he chose this party G_d only knows. If he had half a brain and less arrogance he would have chosen the Liberal party because as a left leaning party it has more likelihood of getting elected. Most of my friends know how much I hate politicians that are just in it to be politicians and my opinions on certain political families. Layton should stop trying to rebel from his father’s political track in public and become a mover from the ranks so to speak. Every party needs a Lallond if you know what I mean.

Style – More competent appearing than Harper but only marginally more qualified. Too arrogant again to be an effective leader of a party and really unlikely to be a good PM

Likelihood of re-election – Nope about as likely as the green party ever getting a seat in the house.

Summation – Drop the Smiling Jack politician face it may be a political tactic that most politicians (mean character type) use but it looks as fake as the giant fatherly posters of Chairman Mao and Stalin from the past century.

Also – The Ideology that says we need to abolish the Senate is out of touch with the Canadian people and The NDP should drop this ideologically based clap trap no one except the truly naive (or American) thinks the Monarchy is some vestige of anti-democracy anymore.


Qualifications – Okay here is my bias straight up I am a Liberal. I think that the party has done a good job promoting this guy as qualified and he is academically. He is the smartest and most educated one of the bunch BUT the population is not convinced they believe in a system of morality and behavior which Ignatief does not fall into. It is to the CPC’s advantage to sponsor the outdated notion that a patriot is some one that is so committed to Canada that they will never leave that they will never do anything they label as un-Canadian that they will follow the government even if it says drink the Cool Aide. Get my point? Harper is playing on the cult mentality and to be qualified to replace him as head of the Cult that is Canada you need to do it from the inside you have to be one of the Cult even if it does not make sense. To be an effective PM you must look like you think Canada is heaven on earth. Ignatief does not qualify why because he can think for himself and knows that for the most part Canada is just lines on a map. If we want Canada to be more we must first get in power and make it a liberal country once again show the people that being more concerned about the people than there money is what government and society should be all about.

Style – Good but no flare makes a great lecturer but the public wants to be impressed and they aren’t Hey Stockwell Day in a wetsuit was more impressive. No Michael I am not saying you should do that I have no doubt you would look like a scrawny old guy with no butt in such attire.

Summation –
Ignatief would be more highly regarded if he stepped down and took the Joe Clark role as the Best man for the job which the public didn’t want. (yes I am mixing my parties here but Joe was good despite his political leanings.


As for the Bloc I won’t rate them they have no chance to win or even really want to.

And the Green Party well I like them but they spend so much time in the woods they catch too many of the falling nuts.

That’s it folks This election will do nothing more that give us another CPC minority.

Pardon the spelling errors this was typed with a laptop that has a non-functioning spell check. I am still recovering from surgery at home in my recliner.


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