Too Proud for Welfare ? Or Too Stupid for Words ?

You may have noticed I haven’t written anything in a while. I have been debating changing the whole focus of this Blog given that I now work in an environment were I read Hansard everyday and write summations of Parliamentary committee meetings. After work I don’t want to read or discuss politics.

But for the moment here is one more socio-political rant……..

All of you have heard the age old brag –

I may be poor but I would rather die than take welfare !

Here is my response – So what you’re too proud to use common sense and we are supposed to find that impressive.

Pride is a disease, a sin and a poor reason for letting your family do without. If you need welfare because you have hit hard times then take it or you deserve to do without. Being too proud to admit to being poor is vanity of the worst type. If you think that it is shameful to be poor you are prejudiced against the poor. Poverty happens even to those that work hard. If you are right and being poor is something to be ashamed of (NOT) then your poverty is your fault and not taking welfare is also your decision and thus your poverty is even more your fault.

My recommendation is if you are poor and need welfare TAKE IT and if you don’t IT’S YOUR OWN FAULT IF YOUR FAMILY DOES WITHOUT. If you have children that also have to do without due to you’re pride you should also consider how your pride is abusing them.

Go fill out the forms and get back some of the money you paid in taxes that’s what it is there for.

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