CBC Beware Who You support

I generally do not comment on news articles about family relationships or family legal battles. Why? Because all too often there are more circumstances than meets the eye. I am sure the one I am going to discuss here does as well. That said, I find the following story disturbing because it seems that CBC might be protecting an abuser, or at least being used by one for his own benefit.

The story involves George Brent, 83, of Kootenay B.C. In a recent news article on CBC’s website entitled B.C. man loses right to care for wife

The story described a Man who dearly loves his wife and who’s wife was taken away from him by The Provincial government her finances are now being handled by the B.C. Public Guardian.

How Sad. Well it would sem that there is more than meets the eye here. While I do not know if it is true and I do not know the whole extent of the story there is one fact that makes me VERY NERVOUS about CBC’s take on this. While I do not trust the provincial government to not do something like this. It has happened that overly zealous public servants have at times interfered with families here I am not so sure that is the case.

What makes me Nervous? Well in the comments under the story two persons claiming to be children of Mr Brent write in to defend the decision to have the finances handled by the province. While one child seems to defend him two comment that there was more here that CBC has not reported. Also there are discreet allusions to a pattern of control and irresponsible money handling by Mr Brent.

Other commenters see it as a plain and simple abuse of authority because the wife had given Mr Brent power over her affaires. The problem is no one is considering that Mrs Brent might have been as the children imply in an abusive relationship. Read the article and the response below by Mr Brents children then form your own opinion. While I can’t say that Mr Brent was an abuser I do suspect that the province was wise in removing him from control of her finances.


Sagegirl wrote:Posted 2010/09/11
at 12:25 AM ET I also am a daughter of George Brent. The fact of the matter is that he does not deserve the sympathy is receiving. Yes he is loosing his wife of 63 years but we are also loosing our Mother. He chose not to pay for her care and therefore brought this dilemma on himself. He would not have been able to take care of her at home when she was ill as he didn’t really take care of her when she was healthy. He never even took her to the hospital the night she had her first stroke, he took her in the morning, far too late. I witnessed her care in the hospital, from time to time, and saw people that tried to give good care, it is not a perfect system as we all know but for the most part I felt that they did try. People should learn the whole story before they comment. CL Brent

letsbehonest60 wrote:Posted 2010/09/10
at 4:53 PM ETAfter hearing of this article and reading it; out of good conscious I need to respond, unfortunately space is limited. True healthcare needs improvement; still those of us that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Dolores Brent regardless of her condition would never complain, when able she has humor and appreciation calling the nurses ‘dear’ thanking them. It is a shame how one sided this article is. George Brent controlled mom’s life, her very thinking, constantly talking, not listening; he is an extremely self-centered man, who cannot open his wallet even for her (though takes good care of him). He didn’t value her, to know the delusional George is to see the falsehood of this article. He is causing trouble out of his own regret and guilt. How she was treated and lived at home was neglect. For him to have the opportunity to feed her should be a privilege. She attended to his every need. If he put his effort into mom assisting the healthcare system through positive service that is good – that would be ‘mom’s’ way. In heaven mom will be free, perfection here on earth I know she would grieve at this negative attention. She is an aging gift, which is part of life, we have been blessed through her. I am so grateful for the compassion and kindness that made her who she has always been and regardless of dad her WILL remains strong. I love mom, it breaks my heart what she has endured on this earth, with still a good heart, it has been hard living so far from her. I know that God will bless her. The heavens are waiting for her and all her goodness to be restored and at peace, we all have lessons to learn blessings to count. Thank you MOM! MaryAnn Brent-Bake


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