Fruit of the Forbidden Tree

In February there was a big media hype about Apple using Child labour in some of it’s plants. The story was in the UK Telegraph and was actually quite minor. Apple discovered that subcontractors were using child labour and took steps to deal with it. However not before it was reported to the media. A contrary story by tech types was spread around to counter the spin.

I will attach two typical stories one from each side. The problem is not that it happened but that it became a defence vs offense story which completely the wrong way to deal with it. Rather Apple should have taken some action to make recompense. Not just getting rid of the child labour but donating a sum of money equivalent to what it saved by having children working in the plant. That said Apple still uses these plants and besides telling them to not use child labour they have done little else so the product is just spin not substance.

One of the retorts to this story was by the tech news company Zdnet. Zdnet without fail came to the aid of the Apple reputation refuting the story but only on the main argument that child labour was used, they made no mention of the other abuses mentioned in the article or the fact that Apple’s response was less than useless.

Why do we always play the blame game. Rather than saying it wasn’t our fault why not do something to help? If Apple really wanted to do something about the problem they could spend less on spin and more on wages? What a novel concept eh?

The Telegraph article

The response from Zdnet

You be the judge which story is more believable?


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