Oliver Stone Should Know Better

Oliver Stone in London’s Sunday Times claimed that the Holocaust is overemphasized in our culture because Jews “control the media” and that “Hitler did far more damage to the Russians than the Jewish people.”

Within hours Jewish groups picked up on his drivel and quickly called him to task on it. Stone being the media savy man he is quickly turned the spin to say that he was “In trying to make a broader historical point about the range of atrocities the Germans committed against many people, I made a clumsy association about the Holocaust, for which I am sorry and I regret,”

Oh Just what we need a so-called respected person to babble this utter trash even as an OOPS. The sad thing is the first thing out of our mouths is often, while not true, the most indicative of how we feel. I hate to say it but I am now going to think of this statement everytime I watch an Oliver Stone film.

Let’s keep this straight folks the media is controled by what we want to hear, and if the Holocaust seems overemphasized it is because it was horrendous. Stone should leave this knuckle dragging antisemetic trash talk to folks like David Duke.


4 thoughts on “Oliver Stone Should Know Better

    • What is obvious and depressing is that Stone did not think when he spoke and it appears his underlying character came through. Even if his apology is genuine a slip like this tells us he values respect of others lower than he should. If he was disgusted by the lie that the Jews control the media, the words would not have slipped his mouth. We all like to think that people we respect have good core values. It is too bad when we find we were mistaken.

  1. Anti-Semitism seems to be on the rise again. Most likely because people can’t separate The Jewish religion and the actions of Israel. Jews are not some secret society ploting against the Christian world. While I think the state of Israel is becoming to aggressive I don’t tie it to the faith but to right-wing politics. When people mix this up to find some absurd Jewish American conspiracy I want to vomit. The only connection between the two states is they both seem to be coming out of a right-wing period of politics. Someone with an anti-Semite bend would obviously make the connection. The truth is if a Jew hiccupped in front of a Christian church anti-semites would take it as a purposeful insult. It is inevitable that this sort of underlying antisemitism would show up in entertainment like in Stone’s off hand spew. In the transition areas of the world like Turkey were Islam and Christians meet the problem is becoming even more heated. Hideous concepts like those in the Turkish movie Valley of the Wolves Iraq,http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valley_of_the_Wolves_Iraq combine anti Israel hatred with antisemitism. In case you haven’t heard of it this popular Turkish film is against the war in Iraq (which does not bother me as so am I to a degree) but it makes this STUPID connection between American aggression and the evils of Jews by making one of the main characters a Jewish doctor that harvests organs from Muslim civilians to sell to wealthy Americans. The Shakespearian connection to Shylock is way too obvious and way too disgusting.

    As a Christian I am digusted by the way some so called Christian faiths still treat the Jewish faith as the enemy. They are so deep in the Biblical narative that they forget centuries have passed since the time of Christ. There are no Jews out there wishing to crucify Christians. Also Jews did not kill Christ the freakin Romans did, because they were worried that a powerful leader amongst the Jews would destabilize the area. Anti-semitism is the crutch of the weak and uninformed.

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