The Racism of the Tea Party?

In a recent article on racism and biracial relationships Sam Watson the author of the Blog “The No Niche” drew a somewhat brief comparison to the policies of the Tea Party and Racism.
The article was excellent but I think that noting the very likely unconscious racism of the Tea Party Kooks might have been an error on Sam’s part. Comments drawn on this article by Dave the (so-called) Sage and Paul McCord are to some degree right (and not just politically) both claim that the Tea Party has no racial bias. My thought however is that although the libertarians that inhabit the Tea Party are likely to be racist the movement deplorable as it is, is not consciously racist.

That said racists are filth and filth will always be with us. The big issue is Racism should be treated as an illness when held as a belief, and crime when expressed. We should treat one and punish the other. This bothers libertarians because it would be a type of social control and social control is what the Tea Party hates.

So While the Tea Party is not a racist organization it is inevitable that unconsciously they will be racist. As for McCord’s sarcastic remark that ” I must be self-loathing, an idiot who simply doesn’t know better” yes Paul you are. The right always seems to attract the poor whom for some reason seem to be the target of right wing financial policies. No more right wing claim was made than the right claims the right to be rich. The biggest block to welfare (that which would help the poor) is the right.


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