That is not Tea it is the W(h)ine of Bitterness and Greed

First to My American Friends I must apologize once again this is an example of the mouse squeaking at the elephant. Unfortunately I tend to get involved in the politics of our southern neighbour as if we don’t squeak we get stepped on.
One thing that has always bothered me is that the right albeit gives credence to democracy as the best thing since sliced bread but they really don’t want it. If the nation wants Medicare then that could not be a democratic decision if gays want to be married that is wrong etc… democracy is often at odds with the right but then they drag out the claim that the left is manipulating the media or that the left is making so much noise that they are being pandered to. We all know the right is often the noisiest and the “Tea Party” movement is proof of that.

In reality this is one thing the right does well they get involved but only in a way that suits them and only for their own benefit they are reactionary and individualistic and don’t play well with others unless they are in control. Unfortunately the cerebral left tends to accept the idea that they are in a fight with mankind’s inner greedy nature and that the right will often win. The problem is this is elitism. We’re better because we have overcome our animal nature we have overcome greed and rampant individualism.
I disagree I believe that mankind is a pack animal and the pack is more important than the whole. In a pack an animal that does not participate, the individual that does not work for the pack is ostracized (read Desmond Morris – Naked Ape) The protectionist attitude of the Tea Party that sees government as the enemy and would rather fight than participate civilly in the process needs to be shown as the enemy of the state, the state being all citizens together against the individual that would rather get rich and not give back to society (that is what Taxes is for).
For our American lefty politicos I say you need to work together to fight the vocal and somewhat dim witted right. The Tea Party needs to be made into a farce or a game for little girls. I am not a fan of taxation I am not a fan of a nation of rules but these things are needed to keep society running smoothly the Tea Party movement that would have less taxes, deserves less services, that would have no bail out of the economy should have no economic recovery let them move to Arizona and live in the dessert. They are often pointing to Canada as the bad example of how our Medicare does not work and you can’t get rich there. Well you can get rich here but not on greed we have great Medicare sure it has problems but no one dies on the waiting list that is just a lie.
America wake up and smell the coffee and Join the Coffee Party. Yes it exists it was the Brain child of documentary filmmakers and political activists Annabel Park and Eric Byler, They are not by definition a voice of the left but they oppose the noise of the Tea Party they are for respectful and civil engagement with one another and with elected officials, not the confrontational BS the Tea Party wants. The Tea Party plays up this whole patriotism crap they are not patriots they are anti-patriots they are fighting the elected government the government elected by the people and for the people they are not engaging in the process they are fighting it they are a noisy minority of people that refuse to join the democratic process.

Democracy works if you let it. The Tea Party is anti-democratic. Democracy is a social entity fighting it is what the Tea Party is all about the Boston Tea Party fought the Monarch for the people the current Tea Party fights the people for the individual. The unfortunate thing is the individual they are fighting for is the one that does not care for his brother. When God asked Cain where is your brother he responded “am I my Brothers Keeper?” for which God cursed him. The declaration of independence say “we the people” not I the person. In tough times people need to work together not work apart.


One thought on “That is not Tea it is the W(h)ine of Bitterness and Greed

  1. There was one Item I wanted to put in but it did not fit well on the topic. Just that it is not surprising the Tea Party and rampant individualism rule in a nation were a US senator can say (Jin DeMint:) I think health care is a privilege. I wouldn’t call it a right. … I do think in our country and in any civil society there should be a safety net for basic health and food and shelter, but that doesn’t mean that the whole system should be designed around the belief that people can’t make their own decisions, can’t be responsible for themselves. …”

    Does this fool really believe that a person should have the right to jeopardize his life by not being insured? This is what he is advocating. If you have to choose between food and insurance obviously you choose food. This makes as much sense as letting people play soccer on the freeway at rush hour.

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