Sometimes Woodsy Wisedom Kills, but Most Times it is Just Bunk..

The heat wave in Ontario has become very serious and health authorities have begun to warn vulnerable people (the old or ill) to stay inside with your AC on and drink lots of water.

The problem is that Woodsy Wisdom types have decided to speak up and say “oh it’s just a little hot”. Below the CBC article I listed above one commenter says it’s just “Whine Whine Whine”.

They are somewhat correct in saying this as this is nothing really new we have had heat waves like this before, the issue is now we are better educated, we know that heat kills. Sure in Florida this isn’t as much a problem but in Ontario it is, we only get this every once in a while and thus we don’t react to it properly, we don’t increase water consumption and we don’t stay inside. Some older folks don’t even own AC’s.

In the past we accepted larger number of deaths in the summer but did not associate it with the weather and if we did we didn’t think there was much we could do about it ( Before Air Conditioning) now we do.

For all those Woodsy Wisdom types that say we should pull out the sprinklers and everything will be fine, you are part of the problem. Every old person that believes your nonsense and heads out to the store to get a litre of milk and has a stroke on rout, is your fault YES YOUR FAULT, so please KEEP YOUR BAD ADVICE TO YOUR SELF.

Folks some times Woodsy Wisdom is about as wise as walking west in the east bound lanes of highway 401. Here’s some not so woodsy wisdom when it is pushing 40 C get out of the sun and mix up some Ice tea, and call your Gramps to see how he is feeling.


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