A Kilt IS Formal Canadian Attire

Above is a picture of the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa.

Proudly wearing the Kilt as they parade.

My wife’s family is Canadian but they are Scotish ancestry and none the less proud Canadians.

I have at least one Scot in my own background.

The town of Fergus Ontario is about as Canadian as it comes, but just go watch the highland Games there each summer and you will be impressed.

That said some redneck school board in Alberta will not allow Hamish Jacobs to wear his Kilt to Graduation.

Canadian Scots wear their kilts to get christened to get married and to get buried, and this bunch of Alberta Farmers turned school board trusties won’t let this kid wear his Kilt to graduation.

Alberta has a formal Tartan (hey Westwind do you know what tartan is used for KILTS).

The Alberta Government even has a policy on this that says “The Alberta Dress Tartan complements the Alberta Tartan and can be worn for dancing, special occasions and formal attire.”

OOPS did someone forget to check that first.

Hey wake up a Kilt in Canada IS FORMAL ATTIRE.

UPDATE – HAMISH CAN WEAR HIS KILT – The school board backed down.


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