Sarah Says it’s Britain’s Fault (Divert and Denegrate)

The most recent drivel from Sarah Palin is that its British or Foriegn Oils fault. Not her American Oil industry buddies that are to blame.

BP is as British as McDonalds is American. Which in reality Isn’t much. Why Because Corporations at that scale are Global. BP is a corporation 44 % of it shares are British 39 % are American. In other words over 60% of BP is foreign owned. The greed is Global.That said the cause of this spill stems from the work on the platform Deepwater Horizon which is leased from Transocean Which is incorporated in the Caymans as all smart off shore projects are and the history of the company traces back to Birmingham Alabama and the rig is controlled from Houston Texas. So I would say there was a sizable AMERICAN interest here wouldn’t you?

Also what happens on American soil is America’s Problem suck it up Ms Palin.


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