Drink the Beer ! :-)

Back in October 2009 I wrote an article entitled – Canada was Built on Booze – with the promise of more on that line, unfortunately, as usual I never got back to the idea. That said my tong in cheek thesis was that “Booze was the founding principle of Canada. .. and I can equate every crucial moment of Canada’s evolution to some form of Alcohol.” I was going to write a quick one on how booze built the Bronfman empire but I will eventually get to that (but not now).

What I want to point out here is how Stephen Harper is not a true Canadian. In a bet with US president Barak Obama over the Canada US Olympic Hockey game, Harper won two cases of Beer.

Why is this Un-Canadian?

Because he didn’t drink it he donated it to the hockey hall of Fame.

A true Canadian would have drank it 🙂 and donated the empties.

What a waste of good Beer……


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