How to Talk Conservative.

When NDP leader Ed Broadbent announced May 4, 2005, that he would not seek another term in the House of Commons he stated “Parliament has become acrimonious and the debate has become far too personal. It has definitely gone downhill.” He was right to a degree not because the house has changed but It seems to me that the party that traditionally slings mud is now at home in the house.

Here are some good examples of Reform/Conservative (as if there is a difference) debating techniques.

“Pass the tequila, Sheila, lay down and love me again.”
John Crosbie, at Opposition MP Sheila Copps in February 1990.

“It is better to be sincere in one language than to be a twit in two,”
Crosbie said in 1983 about former prime minister Pierre Trudeau.

– What Tory backbencher William Kempling called Sheila Copps in 1991.

– What another Tory MP, Jack Shields, called NDP MP Howard McCurdy, the only black member in the House of Commons, in 1991.

“Sheila, that a was a shitty thing to do and confirms you are one bitch.”
– Ian McClelland, Reform MP to Sheila Copps April 1997.

“I hear the word ‘racist’ from that side. Do you have the fortitude or the gonads to stand up and come across here and say that to me, you son of a bitch? Come on.”
– Reform MP Darrell Stinson challenging Liberal MP John Cannis to a fight.

“Little chubby little sucker.”
– What Stinson called Progressive Conservative Leader Jean Charest after Charest accused him of being a bigot, Dec. 4, 1997.

“He acts like a parliamentary busboy that takes the scraps from the cabinet table and throws them into the parliamentary kitchen after they’ve been digested.”
– Reform Leader Preston Manning in September 1999 to government House leader Don Boudria.

When Gerry Ritz was told about a new Listera death in Prince Edward Island, he said:
“Please tell me it’s (Liberal MP) Wayne Easter.”

In a moment of “emotion” Helena Geurgis referred to Prince Edward Island as a “hell-hole,”

“Nova Scotians won’t do it — all those no-good bastards sitting on the sidewalk in Halifax that can’t get work.”
-Gerald Keddy, Conservatve MP from Nova Scotia


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