Does Atheism = A “Hypersexualised World”?

In a rather ridiculous display of stupidity two teachers during a prep rally in Winnipeg acted out a scene where a football player has oral sex with a cheer leader. A large number of respondents to CTV’s article expressed outrage. The truth is it wasn’t really outrageous just stupid. I think our students and parents should call for these two classless teachers to resign.

That said a number of commenters defended the teachers by saying that those against the teachers were just religious moralists. I don’t think this is a religious issue at all it is an issue of common sense. Don’t get me wrong sex is great in consenting adults, but the impression that under-aged sex (which is what was being acted out) is Okay is not. Physically and emotionally highschool girls and boys are not ready to be parents. This is why we discourage under-aged sex not because we are religious moralists.

Then the token Atheist raised his point stating that :

WHAT? I can’t beleive what i’m reading in your comments… You think this is pornography? You don’t listen to tv nor see any ads? You guys are blind? We live in a hypersexualised world and our children are growing within it. Just educated them, don’t try to stop the evolution of the atheism.I think this is funny and your reactions are really exagerated. You should adapt to the evolution of the world and try not to live in the past.God doesn’t exist. [spelling as appeared on CTV’s page]John Malbec

Okay John, you talk about evolution but aren’t we supposed to evolve beyond being animals to being rational humans. Thinking and acting on thought, is a way humans have evolved. Humans know that controlled sex tends to prevent incestuous relationships which produce negative mutations, under-aged sex which physically endangers the mother, rape which is a form of control not sex etc… John get a grip on yourself (or maybe you have) Atheism is not one great big orgy. I have many atheist friends and most of them are just as self controlled as most religious people. Most atheists I know defend the idea that human behaviour is independent of religion that ideas like modesty and monogamy would have arisen even if religion were never created. I tend to agree but only because I think God is the author of our moral compass. I really don’t get how your last point is relevant to this article “God doesn’t exist”. Even if he didn’t what these teachers did was from a humanistic point of view really stupid. The outcome was that they are now suspended from teaching and will likely never teach again. Why because they breeched a value that society not just religion thought was appropriate. The soviet union was a so called Atheist state they didn’t turn into a bed hopping sex addicts, sex rules still existed there. You also imply that atheism is growing that it will be the future of the world. Hmmm well as the most powerful western nation is the most religious (USA) and the vast majority of the world professes some form of religion I think that evolution isn’t favouring Atheism sorry John….


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