If You’re Going to Call Yourself Rational be Rational

Some time back I had a brief interaction with an atheist (in response to a Blog comment I made) 1 on a site called Proud Atheists. This site as you might expect tends to draw in the extreme atheistic crowd. I don’t mind atheists. It is their choice not to believe as is it anyone’s choice to believe anything they so choose. They have valid arguments although I don’t agree with them. Either side could be right or wrong. You have every right to be wrong you just have no right to do any harm based on your belief. Some might argue simple belief causes harm but then we are getting into questions like which came first the chicken of the egg. So I won’t go there.

Where am I going with this well…. what happens when you have a person who is so arrogant and so adherent to one point of view that it clouds his rational mind (if he has one)? What is left is hate, and when you see hate in print it isn’t pretty. The atheist I mentioned above wrote the following ”your opinion belongs in the trash as well. It deserves no respect just because it speaks from ignorance.” Let’s see below who in this case spoke from ignorance. He calls Christians “Xians” most likely trying to incite the wrath of those fundamentalists that dislike the Xmas abbreviation. Personally I don’t care how you write Xmas or Xian. He then goes on to take pot shots at all “Xians” commentary. The atheists thinkers in this thread then tended to ignore his babbles but, I have the unfortunate tendency not to ignore those that so desperately need to be ignored. My wife finds this very annoying and she is probably right I should ignore them but here I go again. Leaving out the extraneous posts here is a sample of the conversation of comments.

    Beginning with ipu4me’s pot shots at others.


Nope, it’s based on being deluded. And no, the book of babble’s greatest commandment is to not boil a goat in its mother’s milk (#10).

There is no god or jesus, they are both lies. Your life…


No an Xian is an irrational, illogical unreasoning believer in fairy tales. The other attributes you mention are human and have nothing to do with religion.


Sorry, but your book of babble is a piece of garbage. Full of murder, genocide, infanticide, rape, incest, intolerance, prejudice, slavery, misogyny, etc., etc., etc.

Having children exposed to this is a form of child abuse. It is one of the most horrific writings in existence.

if you think this crap is positive in any sense, then I’m sorry to inform you that your opinion belongs in the trash as well. It deserves no respect just because it speaks from ignorance.

    Then my post not directed at ipu4me


I love the comments here. This is what happens when you get literalists together. Atheists that think the bible must be read literally and Christians that share that opinion. Both sides can find horrors to prove their point that the bible is bad. Let’s just say we take Genesis as literal truth how wrong would we be? Religion works well for some and not others. From a Christian perspective (which I am) God gave us a choice, atheists have made their choice let them live with it. As for Christians they too. The key to successful interaction is not elimination of those you disagree with it is tolerance of them (from both sides) the most successful societies have been those that follow that belief. The western world is the best example. So as much as I find militant Atheists annoying I also find Literalistic fundamental Christians annoying as well. I think both sides need to get over themselves. You both seem to think you know better than everyone else. So what does that make you beside arrogant? Leave the soap boxes for politicians and union activists, let them look stupid alone.

    The less than rational response from ipu4me


Wrong. The book of babble is a compilation of Iron Age superstitions and myths. There is no truth to it other than humanistic values.

No, Atheists do not think this crap needs to be read literally. Where did you get that? Religions do NOT work well. They do the single greatest harm to humankind. Your invisible cloud being gave nothing, because it is a myth. To hell with successful interaction, freethinkers are just defending themselves from your whacko beliefs being imposed on them.

I am so glad to hear that you find the truth told by rational people to be annoying. Perhaps you’ll keep your fairy tales to yourself now?

And yes, realists know better than the deluded religionists. We’re waiting for ANY evidence for your claims. Not arrogant, just truth.

No one looks more stupid than a religionist trying to speak the truth about deities.

{Now that was “rational “wasn’t it


I’m not sure why I am doing this possibly a form of masochism but I will tackle ipu4me’s babbles.
Let’s first say that ad hominem attacks are not rational so calling yourself a rational free thinker just means you refuse to listen to anyone because you arrogantly refuse to accept anyone could have a differing point of view.

You did not bother to read my post and think on it you just reacted If you look at many atheist writings the first thing you notice is they attack the literal words of the bible not the metaphorical ideas, that was my point and since you were too busy attempting to look smart (you failed) you missed the entire point. I have no issues with real intelligent atheists (you’re not one of them) I have heard good logical arguments for atheism (not yours though) I can argue atheism better than you can.

Religion is a choice you may take it as a choice to be deluded sobeit. Most intelligent people accept Evelyn Beatrice Hall’s Voltairian concept that “I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it” Only the rhetorically weak would be afraid of dissenting position. And don’t tell me you weren’t offended by my defense of religion or you wouldn’t have reacted emotionally as you did. BTW Voltaire was a Humanist didn’t you mention something about that in your polemic rant.

My greatest accomplishment in the past year has been that I have been accused of being both a religionist and an atheist (by a fundie group). being in the middle gives me the distinct advantage of seeing how both the fundamentalists and the rampant Atheists need each other so they can prop up their positions the interesting thing is if either side was to disappear then the other would lose all credibility. From my perspective if you ignore both sides you live a happier life so this is the last time I will venture into this territory. Be happy being Proud Atheists there is nothing wrong with that and I will be happy in what you consider to be my delusional state.

After this ipu4me said what?



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