Just a Street Fight

There are two sides to every story but often one obvious conclusion. There has been a viral video going around. It trys to make an old guy look brave for fighting back against a black thug, or it trys to make an old racist look bad for beating up a young black guy (It all depends you sends it to you). This video really proves little. If you watch the video from the black point of view it looks like a racist white guy asks a black guy to spit shine his shoes and a fight breaks out. From a white point of view it looks like a black guy picks a fight with an old white guy who fights back and wins. The problem with the video is that it leaves out the cause of the fight entirely. Why was the idea of spit shining shoes brought up to begin with? Without knowing this we can’t really say who was in the wrong to begin with. I don’t see why out of the blue the black guy would even sarcastically offer to spit shine this guys shoes.

Watch the video without sound and it looks like the old guy is chased by the black guy and responds to being pushed by beating the crap out of the black guy.

Listen to the sound and it looks like the old guy taunts the Black guy into fighting him. Notice the black guy after the old guy walks away is about to settle back in his chair when the old guy keeps yelling from the front of the bus. (At this point a smart man would have just ignored the old guy.)

That said, there were two things wrong with the fight itself.

1. The black guy assumed the old man was harmless and pushed the old guy first.

2. The old guy takes way to much offense and uses a totally unnecessary amount of force in response.

I was sent the reference as it relates to another bus incident I blogged on were a young brat and an old guy have a run in on the bus. The person that forwarded it assumed I would sympathise with the old guy and be happy that he took actions into his hands and smacked down the black guy. Sorry I feel sorry for the black guy (stupid as he may be for taunting the old guy)because he got more than he deserved so to speak. The black guy is no innocent as he makes what wasn’t a racial issue into a racial problem and made the incident violent by pushing the old guy. But all in all, the old guy was the most aggressive both verbally and physically. He said yeah I’m going to a funeral ya want to shine my shoes? And then when pushed not punched, stood up and beat the crap out of the black guy. He didn’t just knock him down he stood over him and punched and punched until the black guy was cowering on the floor bleeding.

I don’t care how old you are this sort of behaviour is NOT acceptable. Re-watch the video and try to imagine the old guy as a young white male. This fight is no great example of deserved justice, it is just a street fight were people allowed preconceived notions of age and race to affect their judgement.


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