Shock and Feigned Disbelief Does Not Work.

I read so many comments by both the right and the left that try to use shock and disbelief as a tool to ridicule their opponent. The problem is, all it does is get the other party mad. Mad enough to turn around and rhetorically kick you in the A.

Here are a few words or phrases that make you look foolish.

1. I can’t believe what I am hearing (Then maybe you haven’t been listening)
2. What planet do you live on (Not Mars like you obviously)
3. No one in their right mind would believe that (Okay than most of the world is nuts and you are the only sane one – time for your meds)
4. Everyone knows (this “everyone” guy must be a genius but I have never met him)
5. You don’t expect anyone to believe that (I said it didn’t I?)
6. Yah right like anyone would think that (Sorry I forgot you wouldn’t understand it’s above your payscale)
7. I tell it like it is (didn’t you just say everyone liked George Bush? Again time for your meds)

Sorry but being “shocked” is a form of ridicule and ridicule makes you look ridiculous.



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