I believe That You Have No Idea Why I believe

Here is some profound nonsense I found online http://www.flickr.com/photos/gindymcallister/415565083/ (my take on this nonsense follows each sentence of the quote -all of the qsections are part of one comment on a marginally funny photograph)

“The believer tells himself that he is going somewhere special because he is not strong enough to face the truth that he is just decomposing into the same earth as millions of humans before him.”

I would be less bothered by the idea that I will cease to exist than face an unknown afterlife. More often superstitions and religious beliefs are more scarey than science. If you are going to make suppositions like this think that there are more alternatives that dreamt of in your own very limited philosophy.

“The atheist lives his life knowing that each day is the most important of his life, and that every word and action is critically important because this is the only chance he gets to live well and leave the world better than when he came into it.”

Faith makes us look at our innate nature the nature that says there is nothing else but my life that is important to me. What has an achiest to compel him not to be selfish? Why would you want to leave the world a better place after your gone? Simple you want to live on by your actions in life. Is this just not the atheist way of finding a heaven? That said you’re making assumptions about a broad group of people without any real anthropological basis.

“The believer lives each day pretending that he is forgiven all his selfish and perverted acts, and deceives himself that he will be going to Disneyland when he dies so nothing in this life is important.”

No most believers are paranoid that they won’t live up to the faith’s entrance requirements to heaven so work their asses off to be good so they can get in, that is the incentive. Most faiths have stipulations on such perverted acts as you say these keep you from heaven and better yet send you to hell. No one no faiths describe heaven as a Disneyland. At this point you cease to be rational and take on ridicule. Why do you think anyone will take this ramble seriously?

If you are going to paint a rosie picture of atheism fine but at least populate your world of atheists with humans not saints, and have the decency of not painting believers as frightened sinners. I know believers have been doing this to your type for years but returning the favour is just Childish.

I know many atheists that laugh at believers for believing in something that they “know” not to be true. From a subjective point of view I can accept that. However, making silly assumptions about the reason for faith, and broad statements about the motives of both believers and atheists just makes atheists look naive and somewhat stupid.

I believe for reasons of my own not reasons you fantasize about. If you want to shake me from my beliefs then talk to me rationally not spew ridiculous suppositions on human nature and ridicule.


One thought on “I believe That You Have No Idea Why I believe

  1. Oh and for my atheist friends. I have nothing against atheism. believe or not believe as you see fit, but don’t ridicule others.

    This quote was equivalent to saying “you only believe because you’re stupid.” What utter arrogance.

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